Exam 3 - Chapter 12

Organizational Behavior Team Processes
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Team Process
 term that reflects the different types of activities and interactions that occur within...
Process Gain / synergy
getting more from the team than you would expect according to the capabilities of its individual...
process loss
getting less from the team than you would expect based on the capabilities of its individual...
Factors that create process loss  
Coordination loss    -production blockingMotivational loss   ...
coordination loss
process loss due to the time and energy it takes to coordinate work activities with other team...
Production blocking
a type of coordination loss resulting from team members having to wait on each other before...
Motivational loss
loss in team productivity when members do not work as hard as they could
Social loafing
type of motivational loss resulting from members feeling less accountable for team outcomes,...
taskwork processes
activities of team members that relate directly to the accomplishment of team tasks
3 types of Taskwork processes
creative behaviordecision makingboundary spanning
teamwork processes
refer to the interpersonal activities that facilitate the accomplishment of the team's work...
Teamwork processes (3)
Transition processAction processInterpersonal process
transition processes
teamwork processes such as mission analysis and planning, that focus on preparation for future...
action processes
teamwork processes, such as helping and coordination, that aid in the accomplishment of teamwork...
interpersonal processes
teamwork processes such as motivating and confidence building that focus on the management...
conflict management  
important interpersonal processrelationship__ and task___
Team States
specific types of feelings and thoughts that coalesce in the minds of team members as a consequence...
Types of team states
cohesionpotencymental modelstransactive memory
when members of teams develop stong emotional bonds - tends to foster high levels of motivation...
drive toward conformity at the expense of other team prioritiesno consideration of alternative...
degree to which team members believe that the team can be effective across a variety of situations...
mental models
level of common understanding among team members with regard to important aspects of the team...
Transactive memory
refers to how specialized knowledge is distributed among members in a manner that results in...

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