Exam #2- Criminal Justice 101

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What are the four focuses of the Metropolitan Police Act?
1. Prevent crime without repressive force.2. Maintain order without violence3. Reduce conflict...
What is Slave Patrol?
The first modern (formal) police force created in America.
What is a watchman?
Men appointed to help the constable patrol the town at night, put out fires, and enforce criminal...
What are the three eras of policing?
1. Political Era (1840-1920)2. Professional Model Era (1920- 1970)3. Community Era (1970- Present)
Who lead and represented the federal policing system in England in1829?
Sir Robert Peel
What is S.T.E.P. enforcement?
When police are stationed in school zones to make certain there are no speeders.
Which Era, as directed by Vickie, offers no job security and why?
The Political Era because police officers were appointed by the Major, which means that once...
What are the six elements of professional Policing?
1. Force should stay out of politics2. Members should be well trained, disciplined, and tightly...
True or False. A college education and degree is determined to be a factor in one...
WHat is the healthiest ratio of officers to supervisors?
5 to 1.
What were the three main issues England faced?
1. Limited Authority2. Fragmentation of Organization3. Local Control
Which Era was in affect when the Prohibition was going on?
The Professional Model Era
Im the 1960's and 70's, which two things changed the  color, shape, and size of the police...
1. Civil Rights Movement2. Affirmative Action
What is the difference between the patronage system and the merited system?
Patronage is who you know and who you are associated with. Merited is what you've earned.
What era is where most reform occurs?
The Professional Model Era
Violent Crimes are _______, but property/theft offenses are ________.
declining; increasing

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