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rapidly growing cell
a microorganism that causes disease
the process of mild heat to kill particular spoilage, microorganisms, or pathogens
the enzymatic degration of carbohydrates in which the final acceptor is an organic molecule atp is synthesized by substrate-level phosporylation an O2 us not required
disease producing and disease causing organism
hooke , robert
he was the first to discover that living things were composed of cells
he was the first to observe a cell
van leewenhoek
was the first observe a living microorganism through a magnifying lense of mor than 400 microscope he constructed
he was the first to observe a living cell
discovered that microorganisms cannot originate from mysterical forces present in nonlivig materials. rather any appearens of spontaneous life in nonliving solutions can be attributed to microorganisms that were already present in the air or in fluid themselves
koch , robert
he discovered the first proof that bacteria actually causes disease he discovered rod shaped bacteria now known as bacillus anthracis in the blood of cattle that had died of anthrax kock then established koch postulates
edward jenner
discovered vaccination
joesph lister
discovered that phenal kills bacteria
chemical disinfectants
alexander flemming
discovered an antibiotic penicillin
an antibiotic produced by fungus
germ theory of disease
the principle that microorganisms cause disease ;pasteur
the scientific study of prokaryotes including bacteria and archaea
the scientific study of fungi
the scientific study of parasitic protozoa and worms
the study of a hosts defense to a pathogen
the scientific study of viruses
treatmet of disease with chemical substances
an antimicrobial agent usually produced naturally by bacterium or fungus
a preparation of killed inactivated or attenuated microorganism or toxoids to induce artificially acquired active immunity
the industrial application of microorganisms cells or cell components to make a useful product
the use of microbes to remove an environment pollutant
the microorganism that colonize a host with out causing disease alsocalled norma flora
the abililty to ward off disease through innate and adaptive imunity
the abiliity to distinguish fine detailwith a magnifying instrumet also called resolving power
light bending ability of medium
immmersion oil
is used to presere the direction of light rays at the highest magification keeps light from refraction
acidic dye
a salt in whcih th color is in the negative ion used for negativ staining
basic dye
a salt in which the color is in the positive ion used or bacterial stain
the net movement of solvent molecule across a selectively permeably embrane from an area of lowr solute concentration to an area of higher solute concentration
osmotic pressure
the force with wich a solvent moves from a solution of lower solute concentration to a solution ofhigh solute concentration
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