Ecology Exam 1

Key Words To Know About Ecology
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the study of the distribution and abundance of organisms and the factors and interactions that...
historia animalium
herodotus and plato
providental ecology
graunt and leeuwenhoek
1662 and 1687, population growth
1843, farr's rule = relationship between the density of a population and the death rate
buffon, malthus, quetelet and verhulst
population regulation
Edward Forbes and H.C. Cowles
community regulation and succession
Robert Ross
systems analysis.mathematical model of the spread of infectious disease
Tansley, Clements, and Elton
early 1900s.  some founders of ecology
Time when ecology finally seemed important
Abiotic components
non-living chemical and physical factors (temperature, light, nutrients, water)
Biotic components
living (biological) factors(other organisms, competition, predation)
abiotic and biotic components interact, both organisms and environment affect eachother.

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