Document Flowchart, Systems Flowchart, And Data Flow Diagram Symbols

Some Useful Flowchart Symbols.

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Document Flowchart

Document Flowchart
multi document

Document Flowchart
keying operation
Document Flowchart
permanent file or manual documents (letter inside symbol indicates file sequence order) A = alphaN = numericD = chrono
Document Flowchartsolid arrow
document flow
Document Flowchartdashed arrow
information flow (without document flow)
Document FlowchartEnvelope
Envelope for mailing or distributin bills, checks, etc.

Document Flowchart
Journal or ledger
Document FlowchartHandcrate
physial flow of good (inventory)

Document Flowchart(document image but compressed)
adding machine tape total utilized for batch control

Document Flowchart
on page connector between two point on a flowchart

Document Flowchart
off page connector
Document Flowchartbracets
annotation symbol for comments or further descriptions
Document Flowchartlighting bolt
electronic data communication

Document Flowchart
manual operation

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