Discrimination - Employment Law


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What does the Equality Act 2010 do?
Discrimination law became a hot topic in the UK after numerous reports on discrimination...
What is Direct discrimination?
Section 13 of the Equality Act 2010
What is Indirect Discrimination?
Section 19 of the Equality Act 2010.
What is the duty to make reasonable adjustments?
Section 20 - duty (all about reasonableness of adjustment, depends on cost and effectiveness)....
What is Section 15 EA 2010?
Discrimination arising from disability. This is different from S 13 (3), because this section...
What are grounds for discrimination?
- Age (S 5) - protects age, and character shared as the same age group (only to person who is...
Direct evidence is very rareStatistical evidence: London Underground v  Edwards (No...
Occupational requirements: Schedule 9, paras 1-6. Explanatory notes to the EA explain these...
Justification - proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim?
Employer's objective must be LEGIT and tribunal must consider whether the requirement is a...
Occupational requirement Justification defence Reasonable adjustment (no relation to justification) Postive...

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