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the developmental stage that lies between childhood and adulthood
the period during which sexual organs mature
male hormones
female hormones
a hormone that appears to play a rule in the start of puberty
onset of menstruation
Secular Trend
a pattern of change occurring over several generations
Primary Sex Characteristics
characteristics associated with the development of the organs and structures of the body that...
Secondary Sex Characteristics
the visible signs of sexual maturity that do not directly involve the sex organs
a boy’s first ejaculation
Anorexia Nervosa
 a severe eating disorder in which individuals refuse to eat, which denying that their...
an eating disorder characterized by binges on large quantities of food, followed by purges...
the process in which nerve cells are insulated by a covering of fat cells
Prefrontal Cortex
part of the brain that allows people to think, evaluate, and make complex judgments in a uniquely...
Formal Operational Stage
Piaget’s stage at which people develop the ability to think abstractly
Propositional Thought
is the reasoning that uses abstract logic in the absences of concrete examples
Information Processing Perspective
the model that seeks to identify the way that individuals take in, use, and store information
the knowledge that people have about their own thinking processes, and their ability to monitor...
Adolescent Egocentrism
a state of self-absorption in which the world is viewed from one’s own point of view
Imaginary Audience
an adolescent’s belief that his or her own behavior is a primary focus of others’ attention...
Personal Fables
the view held by some adolescents that what happens to them is unique, exceptional, and shared...
Digital Divide
the correlation between people with less access to computers and people who have lots of access...
Addictive Drugs
Drugs that produce a biological or psychological dependence in users, leading to increasingly...
Binge Drinking
for males – drinking 5 or more drinks in one setting   for females – drinking...
False Consensus Effect
assumption that everyone else is drinking heavily
persons with alcohol problems who have learned to depend on alcohol and are unable to control...
acronym for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome   a disease that originates from the...
acronym for Sexually Transmitted Infection   an infection that is spread through sexual...
acronym for Human Papilloma Virus   infection that can produce genital warts, and can...
infection in the vagina or penis caused by a parasite and can cause painful discharge
a bacterial infection causing burning urination and discharge
Genital Herpes
a reoccurring virus like cold sores of the month by the genitalia area and can break open and...
Gonorrhea & Syphilis
are STIs that used to be deadly but now can be easily treated by antibiotics

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