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Delta Zeta Test Fall 2010, USC

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(Creed Line 1) To the world,
I promise temperance and insight and courage, To crusade for justice, To seek the truth and defend it always;
(Creed Line 2)To those whom my life may touch in slight measure,
May I give graciously of what is mine;
(Creed Line 3)To my friends,
Understanding and appreciation;
(Creed Line 4)To my mind,
(Creed Line 5)To myself,
FaithThat I may walk truly in the light of the Flame.
Founders of Delta Zeta
1. Alfa Lloyd2. Anne Simmons3. Julia Bishop4. Mabelle Minton5. Anna Keen6. Mary Collins
Delta Zeta Sorority was founded on (month, day, year)
October 24, 1902
DZ was founded at ______ located in Oxford, Ohio.
Miami University
Delta Zeta's colors are...
Rose and Green
My local chapter was founded on (month, day, year)
September 22, 1928
GPA requirement for Good Standing for individuals is ____.
GPA requirement for Good Standing for chapters is _____.
Delta Zeta's national philanthropy is in support of ______, ________, and _____________.
Speech, Hearing, and The Painted Turtle
Delta Zeta has national partnerships within our Speech and Hearing philanthropy with ________________, ___________, and ________________.
The Starkey Hearing Foundation, House Ear Institute, and Gallaudet University
My chapter supports locally ______________.
Brennen Elementary
The _________________ program of the Delta Zeta Foundation provides an opportunity for collegiate members to being finacially supporting the Foundation for a donation of $19.02.
1902 Loyalty Society
Two Governing Documents of Delta Zeta Sorority:
1. Constitution2. Code of Regulations
The Five Policy Statements of Delta Zeta:
1. Academic2. Financial3. Anti-Hazing4. Alcohol and Controlled Substances5. Personal (Member) Website
What does being a member in good standing mean?
The fufillment of all academic, moral, financial, and other obligations.
Four obligations of Delta Zeta Membership:
1. Standards of Conduct2. Academic3. Financial4. Secrecy
The National Council of Delta Zeta is elected by the _________ body of the Sorority.
National President
Michelle Albrecht Smith
National Vice President of Membership
Jeanine Petersen Triplett
National Vice President of Collegians
Cathy Irvin Painter
National Vice President of Alumnae
Heather Jerden Anderson
National Vice President of Administration
Ann Gurley Morrow
National Vice President of Finance
Diane M. Stecher
National Directors
Karen Martin CampbellPhyllis Sundberg DavisLeslie Evans Williams
Past National President
Karly K. Burns
National Panhellenic Conference Delegate
Lynnda Wolf Hoefler
My chapter president
Kim Scriven
My chapter is part of Region _____.
Our Regional Collegiate Director
Heather Hanner
Our College Chapter Director (CCD)
Diana Joyner
National Headquarters is _________.
the business office for Delta Zeta
The address for National Headquarters
202 East Church StreetOxford, OH 45056
The phone number for National Headquarters
(513) 523-7597
The email address for National Headquarters
[email protected]
The Greek Alphabet

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