Criminal Justice Chap 7

Refer To Chap 5 Crim J Test.

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What percent of blacks believe that police brutality against blacks happens occasionally or more often in their communities?-15%-33%-60%-80%
Following are the three I's of police selection. Which one of these do not belong?-intuition-interaction skills-integrity-intelligence
according to your text three highly important qualities for police are:-the three I's of police selection common sense and compassion-strength, endurance, and compassion-strength, common...
the three Is of police selection common sense and compassion
police wrok is intrinsically satisfying it is :-generally outdoors-nonroutine-people oriented-all of the above
allov the above
Failure to failry represent all genders and races within police departments has led to several negative consequences. Which of the following is not one of the negatvie consequences?-expensive...
sensational publicity
three successful police recruiting practices are listed below. Which of the folllowing does not belong? -using television radio and newspaper advertisements-going to colleges and to...
waiting for ideal job applicants to gravitate toward ones department
your textbook names three successful police recruitment programs, which are listed below. which of the following programs listed below is not one of these programs-public safety officer...
police athletic leagues
a merit system of police employment is established when an independant civil service commission in cooperation with the city personnel section and the police department sets standards...
recruitment criteria
Your textbook names some of the characteristics of a police cheifs job. Three are listed below. Which of the following is not listed in your text book?-a typical police cheif rarely...
police chiefs must be long term local residents in order to fully understand the needs of the community
Your textbook names three of these characteristics of a typical sheriff. They are listed below. Which of the following is not listed in your textbook?-sheriffs sometimes have statewide...
sheriffs sometimes have statewide jurisdictions
the movement to limit the discretion of police officers is the result of:-increased police community relations-lowered crime rates-abuses of that discretion-positive publicity about...
abuses of that discretion
police officers cannot make any arrest for every violation of the loaw -- that is they cannot provide:-full enforcement-high discretion-selective enforcement-limited discretion
-full enforcement
the practice of relying on the judgemenbt of the police leadership and rank and file officers to decide which laws to enforce is referred to as-limited discretion-selective enforcement-high...
selective enforcement
for most violations of the law a police officer can usually exercise a number of options. Fice are listed in your textbook and three are listed below. Which one does not belong/not...
using lethal force
In cases involving lesser felonies, misdemeanors, and petty offenses police officers are more likely to:-formally report the crime-informally handle the crime-do nothing-maje a physical...
informally handle the crime
the ____ the complaint the more likely a patrol officer is to use formal procedures to report and investigate a crime.-poorer-younger-more affluent-older
more affluent
for a long time police looked at a domestic violence calls as ___ when in fact they should have been trated as ___ -criminal matters, routine service calls-peacekeeping activities,...
peacekeeping, criminal
approx. ____ women are victims of domestic violence each year.-50k-100k- 1 mill-5 mill
1 mill
which of the following has/have always made the policethe pajor respondents to domestic violence calls?-ongoing police interest-high concerns for womens safety-referrals from other...
-the availability of 24 hour service
Police have responded to domestic violence in three distinct ways. Which are listed in your textbook. Which of the following is not these three ways?-arrest the perpatrator and the...
arrest perp and victim
racial profiling often occurrs during ___ where police justify stopping a car because of minir equipment or moving traffic violations that might otherwise be ignored.-random patrol-pretext...
pretext stops
your text book lists several methods that have been prescribed to stop racial profiling. Three are listed below. Which of the following is not one of the methods listed in your textbook.-Having...
arresting all perps regard of race
which of the following is defined as the harmful physical and emotional outcomes that occur when the requirements of a job do notmactch the capabilities, resources, or needs ot the...
Job stress
most peoples definitions of brutality include three of the following according to your textbook. Which of the following is not included in your textbooks definition of brutality?-unnecessary...
full enforcement
which of the following is a measure of coercion beyond what is necessary to control participants in a conflict?-deadly force-job stress-excessive forceharassment
excessive force
approx what percent of the public has a great deal or quite alot of confidence in the polices ability to protect it from violent crime?-20-40-60-80
what is the average level of education in policing today-a high school diploma-nearly two years of college-a two year college degree-a 4 year degree
a two year degree
which of the following is an advantage of hiring college educated police officers?-better written reports-enhanced communication with the public-fewer citizens complaints-all of the...
allof the above
which of the following programs is intended to address the violent crime by increasing the number of police with advanced education and trinaing on the community patrol and provide...
the police corps
when did the systematic psychological testing of police officers began?>1960s1950s1970s1980s
approx what percent of recruits inpolice accademy classes fail to complete the program?-0-10-30-50
according to available recearch on the subject, which of the following factors does not influence the exercise of discretion on the part of police patrol officers?-nature of the crime-departmental...
personal characteristics of officers
which of the following is a way to control the amount of discretion exercised by police officers?close supervision by a police agencys management-department directives or policies-decisions...
all of the above
which of the following us supreme court decisions severely restrict the police use of deadly force?-furman vs. georgia-tennessee v garner-escobedo v illinoiswoodson v north carolina
tenn v garner
which of the following is not a type of police misconduct identified by ellywn stoddard?-chiseling-exortion-bribery-all of the above are types of police misconduct
all of the above
____ are officers who actively seek ways to make money illegally while on duty-meat eaters-grass eaters-vegans-carnivores
meat eaters
in which of the following decades were police departments required to engage in affirmative action efforts in the hiring process?1940s1950s1960s1970s

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