Substance Abuse Counseling - 12 core functions

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Substance Abuse Counseling - 12 Core Functions

Created Nov 13, 2010


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1. Screening
The process by which the client is determined appropriate and eligible for admission to a particular...
2. Intake
The administrative and initial assessment procedures for admission to a program.

3. Orientation
Describing to the client the following: general nature and goals of the program; rules governing...
4. Assessment
The procedures by which a counselor/program identifies and evaluates an individual’s strengths,...
5. Treatment Planning
Process by which the counselor and the client identify and rank problems needing resolution;...
6. Counseling
(Individual, Group, and Significant Others): The utilization of special skills to assist individuals,...
7. Case Management
Activities which bring services, agencies, resources, or people together within a planned framework...
8. Crisis Intervention
Those services which respond to an alcohol and/or other drug abuser’s needs during acute...
9. Client Education
Provision of information to individuals and groups concerning alcohol and other drug abuse...
10. Referral
Identifying the needs of a client that cannot be met by the counselor or agency and assisting...
11.  Report and Record Keeping
Charting the results of the assessment and treatment plan, writing reports, progress notes,...
12. Consultation
Relating with in-house staff or outside professionals to assure comprehensive, quality care...
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