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cell phones allowed where?
lunchroom only
2 circumstances a person gets put on "back on track"
behind on worksheet, failing or behind on theory tests
For mixing highlift, what ratio is used for max. lift?
2:1 (2 parts developer to 1 part highlift)
3 principles of demension
Height, Width, Depth
what comb is used for wet cutting?
Patch test (also known as "predisposition  test) is given how many hours before a color...
48 hours
Steps of 2 minute plan
1. Wait to clean service area2. Escort Guest to service desk3. Introduce your guest to the...
When performing a curl eval. on an acidwave,  what are 2 things you are looking for?
1. Maximum seperation and 2. Rod size w/ play
How many techniques are there in cutting?
3; (One length, grad, and layers)
What's another word for length?
If predisposition test is done on someone and they have a positive reaction, what might...
Blisters, Rash, Blindness, Death
If using flash finish ultra toners or demi-permanent color, what level dev. is used?
5 vol. developer
What do you mix color with?
Hydrogen Peroxide (developer)
What is the Correct Order of the "10 Opportunities"
1. Create Magic First!2. Identify challenges3. Recomend Solutions4. Wash House 5. Educate...
directly across on the color map gives you...??
Complementary (Nuetralize)
When rinsing hair after texture service (Perm), what is the rinsing process?
Luke Warm water for 5-min. to the shoulder, and rinse 1 additional minute for every inch past...
Flat Wrap, Round wrap, and directional are all...?
Dress Code:
all black, nametag, hair and makeup, professional
What geometric shape provies a trendy and edgy look?
Demipermant, Semipermanent, toner, and mens color would all require what application technique? 
Single Process (scalp to ends, all over)
What time do you need to call if you're not coming into the school?
If leaving the school, is there a certain time you need to book out?
When doing a curl eval. looking for true to rod size w/ minimum curl, what wave is that?
Alkaline Wave
What are the finishing methods?
Roundbrishing, Leafing and Beveling, and directional    
What are the 3 section angles for cutting?
Verticle, Horizontal, and Diagonal
GREEN: thickest line= Segment, thicker= Panels, thinest= section, Dotted line= sections crossing...
Phases of a shape:
1- Basic shape2- Cross check3- Blow dry4- Refine5- Style
Where should lower body be when cutting a round shape?
On the face side of the section
What vol. developer gives 2-3 level of lift?
30 VOL. Developer
Name of developer mixed w/ PM Shines:
processing liquid
Ratio of "the Color" mixed w/ developer (H202):
If you want max. tone w/ highlift series, what ratio do you use?
3 Questions to consider when formulating:
What's the FABRIC? Lighter or Darker? Nuetralize or Intensify?
What are the geometric shapes?
Round, Square, Triangle
From the color lines, what products has the following benefits: sandalwood frangrance, long...
Highlift Color
Steps for Single Process
1. Part hair in 5 segments2. Begin application in back3. take 1/4" Horizontal sections in back...
Steps for Double Process
1. Part hair in 5 segments2. Begin app. in back3. take 1/8" sections in back & verticle...
Steps for double-process retouch
1. Part hair in 5 segments2. Begin app. in back3. take 1/8" horizontal sections4. Apply from...
Steps for virgin highlift application
1. Part hair in 5 segments2. Begin app. in back3.  Take 1/4" horiz. sections in back and...
Steps for highlift retouch
1. Part hair in 5 segments2. Begin app in back3. Take 1/4" horiz. sections in back & 1/4...
Steps for horizontal weave
1. Part hair in 6 Panels2. Begin @ bottom of the backl mohawk panel3. Take 1/4" section, drop...
Steps for Diagonal Slice
 1. Part hair in 6 panels2. Begin in either back panel, then do sides, & finish in...
Steps of how to place and fold a foil:
1. Place a 1/8" fikd @ the base of the slice/weave2. Secure foil & hair w/ thumb3. Apply...
Correct order of "the 19 steps of Perming"
Consultation, Double-drap, Release form, Clarify Shampoo,Wrap, cotton, process,curl eval.,...

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