Conversational Messages- Chapter 8

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5 stages of the conversation model 
opening, feedforward, business, feedback, and closing 
-greeting- phatic communication= establishes connection or opens up channel - nonverbal:...
- gives person general idea of conversation's focus- identifies tone of conversation...
- the substance or focus of the conversation- learn, relate, influence, play or help
-reflect back on the conversation to signal that as far as you are concerned, the business...
- the goodbye - reveals how satisfied the persons were with the conversation
Ways to initiate conversation
self-references (" My name is Joe. I'm from VA);other references ("I like that sweater");relational...
Different types of openers
Cute- flippant "Bet I can out drink you";Innocuous "What do you think of the band";Direct...
4 conversational maxims
- principles that speakers and listeners in the U.S and in many other cultures follow in conversation-...
Quantity Maxim
A principle of conversation that holds that speakers cooperate by being only as informative...
Quality Maxim
A principle of conversation that holds that speakers cooperate by saying what they think is...
Relation Maxim
A principle of cooperation in conversation that holds that speakers communicate by talking...
Manner Maxim
A principle of conversation that holds that speakers cooperate by being clear and by organizing...
the process of revealing something about yourself to another- usually, revealing info that...
Rewards of Self-Disclosure
- may help increase self- knowledge, communication and relationship effectiveness, and...
Risks of Self- Disclosure
personal - you may experience rejection from friends and family members relational- decrease...

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