Consumer Behavior- CH. 10

Chapter 10. CB.  

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Choice Tactics for low decision making:
-performance-related-brand loyalty-habit-price-related tactics-normative influences-affect-related tactics-variety seeking
performance related
-buy the one that works the best-buy the cookies that taste the best
buying the same brand repeatedly because of strong preference ( based on performance related)
brand loyalty
buying two or more brands repeatedly
multi-brand loyal
little or no information seeking and little or no evaluation of alternatives ( does not require a strong preference) simply repetitive behavior
price-related tactics
-buy the cheapest-buy the brand on sale-use a coupon
how other people influence out behavior through social pressure
normative influences
others try to manipulate us
direct influence - buy the brand the kids ask for
watch what others do to guide our behavior
vicarious observation-buy the brand of laundry detergent my mom used
when we are concerned about the opinions of others
indirect influence-buy the brand that my friends are buying so ill fit in
how do you feel about it heuristic-choose the option that evokes positive feelings
affect related tactic
try something different
variety seeking
when you dont want the same thing- you want variety
individual variety
packing too much for a weekend trip
preference uncertainity
reasons for too much variety:
-risk aversion-time compression-social influences

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