Comparative Politics - Mexico And India

Created Mar 28, 2012
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5 characteristics of NIC's
1) emerging democracy; 2) improving state structure; 3) economic transformation; 4) urbanization;...
motivations for colonization (4)
1) settlement; 2) extraction of resources; 3) strategic advantage; 4) religious
non-aligned countries
countries seeking to avoid taking sides in the Cold War
Mexico's political culture
tension between democracy and authoritarianism; continuing revolution; strong sense of nationalism;...
5 features of Mexico's constitution
1) economic nationalism (limits of foreign government); 2) only Mexicans allowed to own land;...
economic reasons that Mexico feels dependent on U.S.
all debt ($212 billion) owed to U.S. banks; 90% of Mexican exports go to U.S. and 55% of imports...
Mexico's foreign policy
nonalignment in Cold War; Universalism - recognizing any government regardless of ideology...
political culture of India
dominant state; rural villages far removed from national politics; structural violence in the...
What happened to India and Pakistan when the gained their independence from Great Britain?
Ghandi wanted a united India, but the Muslims wanted to separate into Pakistan; One of...
What is the caste system and why is it still problematic for India?
It is a Hindu belief that there is a social order that everyone is born into based on their...
Describe the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty
Nehru-Gandhi ruled for all but 4 of the first 42 years of independence. There was a lot...
good things about India's economy
5th largest economy (by some estimates 9th) in absolute terms but GDP of $3,700; Poverty has...
bad things about India's economy
2 out of every 5 poor people in the world are in India; According to the World Bank 41% live...

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