CMOP-E Model

Prep Questions On The Components Of The Canadian Occupation Performance And Engagement model Of Occupational Therapy.
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What does CMOP-E stand for?
Canadian Model of Occupation Participation and Engagement
What is a basic assumption of health in the CMOP-E
- More than an absence of disease-influenced by choice and engagement in meaningful...
What is a basic assumption of Occupation in the CMOP-E
- Effects health and wellbeing- Brings meaning to life-organises and brings structure to living
What is a basic assumption of client centered practice in the CMOP-E
- Focus on enabling- risk taking is necessary  for positive change- clients...
Define Occupational performance
a dynamic relationship between person occupation and environment contributing to the social...
Explain Occupational enguagement.
to be involved in occupation in order to be, become, belong and perform.
What are the Elements of Occupation in the CMOPE
ProductivityLeisureself care
What are the Environment components of the CMOP-E 
- social- physical- cultural- institutional 
What are the person components of the CMOP-E?
What tool would you use for asssesment?
Canadian Occupation Performance Measure
Interventions can include?
remediade compensate Environment
Clinical Reasoning Concerns?
-What are the person’s occupational performanceconcerns?• What is the person’s occupational...

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