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Cards For Revision On The Topic Of Clinical Characteristics Of Schizophrenia.
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What are DSM -IVR and ICD
Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM) and Internal Classification...
DSM-IVR "positive symptoms"
Delusions:Bizarre beliefs that the patient thinks are real Experiences of control:...
DSM IVR "Negative Symtoms"
Affective Flattening: Reduction in emotions Alogia: lessened speech Avolition:...
ISSUES AROUND CLASSIFICATION: a) Number of diagnostic tools b) Rosenhan (1973) Being sane...
a)Number of diagnostic tools, same symptoms may be classified differently. (ICD DSM, St...
ISSUES AROUND CLASSIFICATION: c) Labelling. Scheff (1966) d) overlap with other disorders
c)Once labelled schizophrenic, people (incl. medics) behave differently towards them. Label...
ISSUES AROUND CLASSIFICATION: e) Sub types of Schizophrenia
Used to give a more specific diagnosis (E.g. delusional Sz). May not fit into just one sub...

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