Christianity 10 Characteristics

Echristianity 10 Characteristics

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beliefs about god
most believe in one godhumanity chose to singod is perfect Jesus's resurrection save and reconcile...
golden rule
as you would that men should do to you , you also do to them likewiseā€¯
-Jesus takes on the sin of man to help reconcile- a plan devised  by God
Jesus,beared the wrath of God and restore the relationship between God and Man
sin or evil
-Man has a sinful nature -man has death death. -Sin prevents a right relationship...
holy writings
old testament- most importantnew testament- 27 books
holy places 
church of sepulchre- where jesus's tomb is and the calvarychurch of nativity- built over cave...
lent- before easter, remembrance of jesus's fast in wilderness, temted by evil, people usually...
Important people
jesus- provide reconcilation and salvation with godpaul- explained that salvation is achieved...
cross- resurrection and sacrifice*protestants- w/out Jesus*Catholics + orthodox- w/ Jesus on...
what does the new testament contain?
-gospel: life, ministry, death of Jesus- teahcings and writings of apostles

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