Chapter One Interpersonal Communications

Chapter One Interpersonal Communications This Is What You Have A Test On Monday. 
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Physical Needs
Positive communication and strong social ties lead to better health.Premature deathSmoking CigarettesLack of physical activity
Identity Needs
"?" comes from how we interact with othersacting human is a learned processmessages influence our identity throughout our lives
Social Needs
Used to: obtain pleasure, affection, companionship, relaxation, escape and controlCreate happier relationships and social livesTheorists argue that positive relationships may be the most important source of human satisfaction and emotional well-being
Practical Goals
Getting others to behave in ways we want Communication is the tool that:Lets you explain your needs to the hair stylistHelps you negotiate household duties Is essential in virtually every career
Practical Goals
Physical, Safety, Social, Esteem and Self-Actualization
the more communication is not always betterCommunication and shared communication meanings are not in words
Communication and shared understanding more satisfying relationships can sometimes come from less- than- perfect understanding
People/Events do not cause another's reaction Communication will not solve all problems
Two Views of Interpersonal Communication
Quantitative Communicationany interaction between two people usually face to face can be considered routine or impersonal Occurs when we treat others as unique individuals regardless of context or the number of people involved
Mediated Interpersonal Communication
Mediated Channelsthe difference between face-to-face and virtual relationships is eroding
Mediated Interpersonal Communication
Leaner Messages DisinhibitationPermanence
Mediated Interpersonal Communication
Internet users have more social networks than non users
Competent Communicator Characteristics
behaviors cognitive complexityempathyself-monitoringintercultural communication
Competent Communicator Characteristics
Motivationtolerance and open-mindednessknowledge and skill
Name four influences on emotions
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