Human Sexuality P2075 Chapter 9 Part 1.

Human Sexuality
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What are the four stages of sexual response?
What occurs during Vasocongestion? What are the results?
Smooth muscles relaxes; arteries dilate;increased blood flowResults:  Erections, lubrication...
What occurs during Myotonia? Result?
Muscle tensionResult: Contractions in genitals and otherbody parts
During excitement what happens to both sexes?
Vasocongestionncreased heart rate and blood pressureMyotonia - Nipples become erectSex flush
What happens during male excitement? How long does this take in young men?
Erection(vasocongestion) 3-8 seconds inyoung menScrotal skinthickens
what are the vascongestion responses that happen during excitement for females?
Transudationlubrication of vaginal wallsEngorgement of corpora cavernosa, crura,vestibular...
What are the anatomical responses that happen during excitement for females?
Upper two thirds of vagina expand, Cervical-uterine retraction, Clitoris sensitivity increases...
For females what happens during plateau?
Formation of the “orgasmic platform”, Tightening of vaginal entrance, gripping sensation”,...
The females orgasm contracts at how many second intervals and how many times?
0.8 second intervals 3 to 15 times.
During Phase 1 of the male orgasm what happens?
Internal sex structures contract. Semen forced into bulb at base of urethra
During Phase 2 of the male orgasm what happens?
Semen expelled by muscles contractions of penis andurethra
what is the refractory period and how long does it last?
incapable of further arousal and orgasm. Lasts a few minutes to up to 24 hours
What did masters and Johnson argue?
Argued did not need a random sample becausestudied normative processes. Participants characterized...
What is Basson's intimacy model?
Begin sex for intimacy, experience arousal, experience desire
What is the percentage of women and men who have had sex without desiring it?
Women 82%, Men 60%
What is Walen and Roth's cognitive model?
Perception (evaluate)Arousal (evaluate)Sexual Behaviour (evaluate)
What two things did Freud say were the sites of female orgasm and stimulation? What on was...
Clitoral and vaginal. Vaginal more mature
What did Masters and Johnson argue about the female orgasm?
All orgasms the same physiologically. Clitoral stimulation usually involved
Kinsey stated that what % of women have reached regular multiple orgasm?
What did Master and Johnson say the number of orgasms that are able to be reached during masturbation...
5 - 20
Is it possible for a man to have multiple orgasms?
Possible if no loss of erectionor ejaculation
Where is the Grafenberg (G spot) located?  How is it stimulated?
Located on front vaginal wall; ducts open into urethra. Stimulated by fingers, rear entry,...
Where are the male G spots located?
Perineum: Area between scrotum andanus. Prostate gland: access through anus (finger curved...
Where is the ejaculation center located?
in the lumbar portion of the SC. Sympathetic division ofnervous system
What nerve fibers does the vagina and clitoris receive?
sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve fibers
There are aphrodisiacs that are highly successful for all individuals.

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