Chapter 8 Statistics

Statistics - Informed Decisions Using Data

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Statistical Inference
A statement using inormation from a sample to draw conclusions about a population.
Sampling distributuion of the sample
Is the prob. distrib. of all possible values of the random variable x computed from a sample...
Law of Large Numbers
As additional observations are added to the sample, the difference between the sample mean,...
Standard error of the mean
the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of x.
Central Limit Theorem
Regardless of the shape of the pop., the sampling distrib.of x becomes approx. normal as the...
The Shape of the Sampling Distr. of x If X is Normal
If a random variable X is normally distributed, the distrb. of the sample mean, x, is normally...
Exponential Density Function
What is used to conclude the sampling distribution of x, in a histogram
Shape Center Spread
Sample Proportion
Is a statistic that estimates the population proportion,p.
Sampling Distribution of p
For a simple random sample size n such that n 0.05N(that is sample size is less than or equal...

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