Chapter 8: Plants Part 2

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Venation Patterns...
This is a palmate venation pattern.
Ferns...What is the top part of the ground?
The top part of the ground is called the cuticle. The cuticle helps retain water.
Vascular Plants...What do vascular plants provide and do they grow tall or short?
Vascular plants provide strength, stability, and support. Vascular plant grow tall.
Vascular Plants...What are vascular plants good for?
Vascular plants are good for life in dry areas and moving minerals quickly.
Non-Vascular Plants...Where do non-vascular plants get their minerals? Where do they live?
Non-vascular plants get their minerals from their surroundings, and they live in damp, shady areas.
Parts Of A Flower...What are the the male parts of a flower?
The male parts of the flower are the stamen, the anther, and the filament.
Parts Of A Flower...What are the female parts of a flower?
The female parts of a flower are the stigma, the style, the pistil, and the ovary.
Parts Of A Flower...What are the other parts of a flower?
The other parts of the flower are the petals and the sepal.
What is the difference between a compound leaf and a simple leaf?
A simple leaf has one leaf, and a compound leaf has two or more leaflets.
Non-Vascular Plants...What do non-vascular plants lack of?
Non-vascular plants lack of a well developed system of tubes that transfers water and minerals.
Non-Vascular Plants...What is the negative side about non-vascular plants?
The negative side to non-vascular plants is that they are low growing and they don't have roots to absorb water from the soil.
Order Of Reproduction...Explain the first step in this process.
The first step is when the sperm cell and the egg cell join to form a zygote.
Order Of Reproduction...Explain the second step in this process.
The second step is when the zygote turns into a sporephyte.
Order Of Reprodution...Explain the third step in this process.
The third step is sporephyte produces spores wich develope into a gametophyte.
Order Of Reproduction...Explain the last step of this process.
The last step is when the gametophyte produces sperm cells and egg cells and process starts again.

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