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The Spanish introduced which of the following domesticated animals to Middle America?
Perhaps the most important change the Spanish made in Ameriindian society was
the relocation of the population to villages and towns
The Carribean Coast of Middle America is
part of the Rimland
Which of the following is True? A) Haciendas are found principally in the rimland B) Haciendas...
E) Plantations are a rimland phenomena
WHich of the following is not a chararacteristic of plantations?
They are inefficient operations
Which of the following is likeliest to be observed in Middle America's rimland?
banana plantations
Which of the following Amerindian groups is most associated with the Caribbean islands?
Among the following areas, which one is not a segment of Augellli's Euro-Indian Mainland?
Dominican Republic
As a group, the islands Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico are known as:
The Greater Antilles
Colonial Patterns continue to play a role in the developing Caribbean region. Identify the...
Cayman Islands: United States possessions
The island containing Haiti and the Dominican Republic is known as
Which of the following is an independent country?
Which of the following countries has played the least role Middle American colonization?
In which of the following places did the US play the least role?
Which island is the Caribbean's leading bauxite producer?
A group of islands is known as a
An industry identified in your textbook as one with mixed blessing for Middle America is
Which island is the Caribbean's leading oil producer?
Which island is associated with Fidel Castro?
An island with a large percentage of South Asian population is:
A person of mixed black and white ancestry is called a
Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Cuba's population has a mestizo majority
The term applied to a persons of mixed white and Amerindian ancestry is
Which of the following colonial associations is incorrect?
Britain and the Dominican Republic
Which of the following Caribbean republics was affected by French culture?
The Caribbean region's largest city is
Santo Domingo
Cuba is no longer the pariah state it once was in the West Hemisphere because of all the following...
Castro has dropped his socialist ideas
The new supranational group in the Caribbean is known as:
The Association of the Caribbean States developed as a result of :
efforts by CARICOM
The US initiative to spur development in the Caribbean is known as
Caribbean Basin Initiative
A carbbean island that has known significant recent economic growth and is the world leading...
Land in Mexico that is communally owned is reffered to as
The Yucatan Penisula is part of the country of ___ million
Most Mexicans today are
A major problem corrected by the 1910 revolution in Mexico was
the problem of the peones
Which of the following statements is false? A) The United Mexican States contains 14 states...
A) The United Mexican States contains 14 states and the Federal District of Mexico City
Middle America's largest country today in terms of both area and population is:
Transculturation is most likely associated with the shaping of cultural traits in
Discoveries of this commodity have changed Mexico's economic outlook significantly
Mexico City, at 7350 feet above sea level, is located in which natural environment zone?
tierra fria
A maquiladora is
a foreign owned factory in northern Mexico that assmbles duty free goods
Tijuana is
an assembly city for Japanese television sets
Which Mexican city is at the center of the leading petroleum-producing region?
A state in southern Mexiico that is demanding more autonomy is
The rebellion in Chiapas was designed to occur at the same time as
the launching of NAFTA
Mexico's chief trading partner is
The place where most of the population of Central America lives in the
tierra templada
Moving from the lowest to the highest elevations, which of the following orderings of altitudinal...
tierra caliente, tierra templada, tierra fria, puna
Most Central American capitals are in the
tierra templada
Most of the Central American population is
on the Atlantic Side
Which of the following is not a major cause of the tropical deforestation in Central America?...
the paper and pulp industry
The Central American Republics, are defined by geographers, is:
A region within Middle America, constituted by the countries that occupy the area between Mexico...
Which two countries are both located within the region of Central America?
El Salvador and Nicaragua
The Central American country where English is spoken, but where Spanish will eventually become...
Which of the following countries does not have a common border with Guatemala?
Which of the following countries contains the heart of the ancient Mayan empire?
Which of the following countries was formerly known as British Honduras
Guatemala has now given up its claims to
Impacting much of northern Central America in 1998, this Hurricane left one million homeless...
Which of the following is the smallest Central American country in terms of population?
Central America's poorest country is
While other Central American countries were banana republics, this country was a coffee republic...
El Salvador
This country fought a civil war from 1980-1992 in which 75,000 persons died.  The US supported...
El Salvador
In which of the following republics did the US strongly support the government in its efforts...

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