Chapter 27 APUSH

Chapter 27 APUSH  
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Alfred Thayer Mahan
believed control of the sea was key to world dominance
Henry Cabot Lodge
believed earth belonged to strong and fit
Josiah Strong
missionary to save "backwards" people
James G. Blaine
opened Latin American markets to america
"Big Sister" theory
Richard Olney
dealth with Britain over Monroe Doctrine
Queen Liliuokalani
last reigning queen of Hawaii
William Randolph Hearst
yellow journalism, anti imperialism
Valeriano Weyler
makes reconcentration camps
Dupuy de Lome
ambassador of spain
Elihu Root
Secretary of War
makes war college
John Hay
open door
teller amendment
US will overthrow spanish rule of cuba for cuban freedom
mckinley tarriff
raised rates against hawaiian sugarcane
foraker act
limited degree of popular governement in puerto rico
hay-paunceforte treaty
US can make panama canal without british intervention
hay-banau-varilla treaty
gave land for panama canal for 40 mil

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