Chapter 2 Terms

Chapter 2 Terms Lessons 11 - 15
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Words with opposite meanings
Compound modifier
Two words combined to act as an adjective
Compound word
Two or more words combined to create a new or more specific word
A horizonal bar charater used to indicate a split or incomplete word
Hyphenation Zone
The maximum space word allows between a word and the right margin without inserting a hyphen
Words with the same meaning
A listing of words with synonyms and antonyms
To delete a selection from its original location and move it to the clipboard
Drag-and-drop editing
The action of using a mouse to drag a selection from its original location and drop it in a new location
To insert an object created with one program into a file created with a different program
To create a connection between two files, or the connection itself
Office clipboard
A temporary storage area where a selection may be held until it is pasted into a new location
To insert a selection from the clipboard into a document
To create a duplicate of a selection
A line drawn around the edges of an element, such as a table or a table cell. Borders can also be drawn around graphics, paragraphs, and pages
The rectanglur area at the intersection of a column and a row in a table, into which you enter data or graphics
A vertical series of cells in a table
Column markers
Markers on the horizontal ruler that indicates column dividers
Column width
The width of a column in a table, measured in inches
Adjacent, or next to, each other
The lines that indicate the edges of cells in a table. Dividers do not print, although they are indicated onscreen by either gridlines or borders
End of row/cell markers
Nonprinting characters used to mark the end of a cell or a row in a table
Nonprinting lines that can be displayed around the cells in a table.
Not adjacent, or not next to, each other
A horizontal series of cells in a table
Row height
The height of a row in a table, measured in inches
A grid comprised of horizontal rows and vertical columns into which you can enter data
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