Chapter 13 & 14 Quiz

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Chapter 13 & 14 Quiz

These Are The Flash Cards For Chapter 13 And 14. The Topics Are Over Race And Sex. 

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What is the myth of race
because it is a social construction that we use in making sense of our world rather than biological or natural reality
a group of people who share a set of characteristics and are said to have a common blood line
race (demythification of race)
the belief that members of separate races posses difficult and unequal traits
When did modern racial thinking develop?
the mid 17th century; paralleling global changes like , Protestant Reformation, Age of Exploration, and the rise of capitalism
judging other groups by one's own standard
what is an example of ethnocentrism?
racial thinking-race regarded as set of physical traits with social implications
evolutionary survival of the fittest
social darwinism
a program to breed the best and the brightest and discard the dregs of society is called:
What are the two groups of Eugenics?
polygenists and monogenists
believe that different races were different species
believe that all humans were one species, united under God
movement to protect indigenous culture from the effects of new immigrants
belief that one drop of black blood makes a person black. It became a way of drawing sharp racial boundaries in the U.S.
One-drop rule
Interracial marriage
when was miscegenation not only applicable to black and white but also to chinese?
late 19th century
externally imposed; involuntary; based on physical differences; exclusive; unequal
voluntary, self-defined; non-hierarchical, fluid; and cultural
Population of native americans prior to european exploration
10-100 million
population of native americans today
2.5 million
What racial group has the lowest average socio-economic status?
native Americans
What percentage of Af. Am. children are in poverty
How many africans were enslaved in the trans-atlantic human traffic
over 100 million
what percentage do African Americans make up in the U.S.
Who are the latinos
a diverse group of people of latin or hispanic origin
Where do some of the Latinos immigrate from?
mexican origins, puerto rico, and other immigrants from latin american countries
Where do Asian Americans immigrate from?
china, japan, korea, southeast asia
Who are the middle eastern americans?
diverse group from the arabian peninsula, north africa, iran, iraq, and palestinians
about how many Americans report some Arab origins?
about 3 million
white anglo-saxon protestant
How are the categories of whiteness constructed?
socially constructed
involves feeling free of the weight of representing an entire population with one's success or failure
Importance of being white
integration into the dominant society in areas of language, culture, and habits-the melting pot analogy
persistent and powerful ethnic ties to homeland cultures of immigrants
the opposite of assimilation: a society characterized by distinct ethnic or racial groups- a mosaic of cultures
legal or social practice of separating people on the basis of their race or ethnicity
What was the supreme court ruling that helped to create desegregation?
1954 Brown vs. Board of Education
mass killing of a particular population
moving away from the dominant population for self-protection
blending with the dominant group
what is an example of passing
changing of surnames by German immigrants
feigning or pretending to compliance to hide feelings of resentment
acceptance and resistance
what is an example of acceptance and resistance?
slaves to their owners
organizing of ethnic groups to change the power dynamics
collective resistance ex. Civil rights
thoughts and feelings about an ethnic or racial group-not carried out
a harmful or negative act against people deemed inferior
what is supposed to happen with the latino and asian population by 2050?
population projected to triple
What is an example of patriarch?
Female circumcision (FGM)
When a man is in charge
When female is in control
What is an example of matriarchal society
tribes in amazon (Asante) in Ghana
designed to consider gender as a way society organizes social relations, generally resulting in inequality between the sexes
the feminist movement
when did the feminist movement begin?
Who wrote a book on the rights of women in 1790?
Mary Wolencraft
biological differences between males and females
socially constructed-what boys and girls SHOULD do
refers to desire, sexual preference, identity, and behavior
national organization of women
an ideal of masculinity that is so dominant it is regarded as the norm
hegemonic masculinity
behavioral norms assumed to accompany one's status as female or male, vary over time and from place to place
Gender roles
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