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the second of japan's military governments headed by a shogun ( a military ruler). Sometimes...
ashikaga shogunate (1336-1573)
china's northern capital, fist used as an imperial capital in 906 and now the capital of the...
from latin, caesar, this russian title for a monarch was first used in reference to a russian...
trsar (czar)
the title of temujin when he ruled the mongols (1209- 1227). It means the oceanic or universal...
genghis khan ( 1167-1227)
mogol hjanate founded by genghis khans grandson Batu. It was based in southern Russian and...
golden horde
a secondary or perpheral khan based in persia. this khanate was founded by hulegu, a grandson...
the "divine wind" which the japanese credited with blowing mongol invaders away from their...
last of the mongol great khans (1260-1294) and founder of the yuan empire.
khubulai khan (1215-1294)
in tibetan buddhism, a teacher
a people of this name is mentioned as early as the records of the tang empire, living as nomads...
mongols persian mathematician and cosmologist whose academy near tabriz porvided the model...
nasir al-din tusi (1201-1274)
prince of novgorod (1236-1263) he submitted to the invadeing of the mogols in 1204 and received...
Nevskii, Alexander (1220-1263)
a way of life, forced by scarcity of resources, in which groups of poeple continually migrate...
islamic state founded by osman in norwester anatolia ca 1300. After the fall of thebyzantine...
ottoman empire
adviser to il-khan ruler ghazan who converted to islam of rashids advice
rashid al-din (d.1318)
member of a prominent family of the mogols jagadai khanate, timur through conquest gained control...
Timur (1336-1405)
the ---- dynasty ruled korea from the fall of the koryo kingdom to the colonization of korea...
regin period of zhu di (1360-1424) the third emperor of the ming empire (1403-1424). He sponsored...
empre created in china and siberia by khubilai khan
yuan empire (1271-1368)
an imperial eunuch and muslim entrusted by the ming emperor yongle with a series of state voyages...
zheng he (1371-1435)
mongol leader timur was known to europeans as
the poet -- laid now foundeations for algebra and trigonometry
omar khayyam
russia was conquered by the mogol state known as the
golden horde
alexander neskii cooperated in the mongol campaings against the ----- knights
zhu yuanzhang was the founder of the ----- dynasty
the----- of mongol rulers usually managed state affairs between rulers death and the selection...
wives and mothers
mongol groups had a strong hierarchy, but the khan was required to
prove fighting ability in family games
in 1271, ------ khan declared himself the founder of the yuan empire
the plague was brought to europe in the fourteenth century by the
tarlemane or traders
the il-khans used ------ to extract maximum wealth from their domain
armed mongol soldiers
the work of historian juvaini inspired rashid al-din to 
attempt the fist history of the world
the mongol armies in werern eurasia were
an international force
the change from yuan to ming was
not welcomed by majority of chineese
the mongol rulers of china sought to create a
synthesis of mongol and chineese traditions
in korea under the yi, the primary cash crop was
the venetian traveler ------ visited the mongol court in china
Marco Polo
zhu yuanzhang led a campaign that overthrew the yuan empire and established the ---- dynasty

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