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The Road to War
Chapter 12 Section 1
Causes for WWI
-Nationalism     *Countries acting on national interest.    ...
Mobilization-Readying the troops
*Russia ready's its troops even though Germany tells them not to after Albania assinates...
Modern Warfare
*The Defensive front had all new modern weapons These included: modern machine guns and rapid-fire...
Preparedness Movement
*Businesses with ties to Great Britain urged the US to get ready for WWI. *The leaders of...
The United States Declares War
Chapter 12 Lesson 2
German Warfare
-British Involvement     *Great Britain competed with Germany to build the...
Americans on the European Front
Chapter 12 Section 3
Purpose of the Convoy System
*The purpose of the convoy system was to get the American soldiers to Great Britain safely...
African Americans in WWI
*African Americans were put in segregated units. *Most black soldiers never saw combat, though...
Selective Service Act
*Authorized by Congress to draft young men into WWI.
Vladimir Lenin/Russia
*Vladimir Lenin signed a peace treaty with Germany and it caused the British forces to be attacked...
Results of the War
*Physical and mental scars, 50,000 American soldiers died in battle, and so many others died...
*The Ottoman forces deported and murdered Armenians, who the Ottomans suspected of disloyalty...
Americans on the Home Front
Chapter 12 Section 4
Great Migration
*When 500,000 African Americans moved up to the North from the South for work during WWI.
Liberty Bonds
*Special war bonds that supported the Allied causes in WWI.
War Industries Board
*Headed by Bernard Baruch, oversaw the nation's war-related productions.
Herbert Hoover/Food Administration
*Increased farm output and reduced waste during the war and controlled prices.
Fear of Foreigners
Literacy Tests     *Few immigrants failed the literacy test but still...
Global Peacemaker
Chapter 12 Section 5
Versailles Treaty
Senators oppose or approved     *The senators opposed the treaty...
Postwar Adjustments
*By April 1919, 4,000 service men a day were out of the armed forces but had no clue how...
League of Nations
Article 10     *Pledged that members of the League would regard...
Paris Peace Conference
Fourteen Points     *Wilson made deals that said that there would be...
*Wilson wanted the power to make the decisions for the futures of the people in Austria-Hungary.
*Wilson gave into the French insistance that the Germans pay for all the damages during...

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