Chap 15 - Bones Of The Thorax Pelvis And Extremities

The Language Of Medicine Chap 15 Bones Of The Thorax, Pelvis And Extremities

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collar bone1 on each sideconnects breastbone to each shoulder blade
shoulder blade - 2 flat triangular bones one on each dorsal side of the thorax
extension of the scapula that joins with the clavicle to form a  joint above the shoulder
acromioclavicular  (AC) joint
joint formed by the scapula and clavicle
breastbone - flat bone extending down the midline of the chest
xiphoid process
lower portion of the sternum
upper portion of the sternum
12 pairs of ribs1st 7 pair are joined anteriorly to the sternum by costal cartiladgeribs 8 - 10 = false ribs join with the vertebral column in the back but join the 7th rib anteriorlyribs...
upper arm bonejoins with the glenoid fossa of the scapula to form the shoulder joint
medial lower arm bone
elbow bone
lateral lower arm bone
wrist bones - 2 rows of 4 bones in the wrist
5 radiating bones in the fingersbones of the palm of the hand
phalangesphalanx (singular)
finger boneseach finger (except the thumb) has 3 phalanges (proximal middle and distal)thumb has 2 phalanx - proximal and distal
Bones of the Pelvis
Pelvic girdle - collection of bones that supports the trunk of the bodyarticulates with the femur to form the hip jointilium - uppermost and largest portionischium - posterior part...
iliac crest
superior part of the iliumfilled with red bone marrowserves as an attachment for the abdominal walls
pelvic cavity
rectum, sigmoid colon, bladder, female reproductive organs lie within the pelvic cavity
Bones of the Leg and Foot
femur - thigh bonespatella - kneecaptibia - larger of the 2 bones in the lower legfibula - smaller of the 2 bones in the lower legtarsals - bones of the hind part of the footmetatarsals...
socket in the pelvis where the thigh bone is joined

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