Chap 14 - Laboratory Tests And Clinical Procedures

The Language Of Medicine - Chap 14 Laboratory Tests And Clinical Procedures

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CD4 cell count
Measures the number of CD4 T cells (helper T cells) in the bloodstream of patients with AIDSnormal count 500 - 1500 if it drops below 250 recommended to start treatment with anti-HIV...
ELISA = enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
Screening test to detect anti-HIV antibodies in the bloodstream
test that separates immunoglobulins(IgC IgM IgE IgA IgD)used to detect multiple myeloma
viral load test
test that measure the amount of AIDS virus (HIV) in the bloodstreamtwo viral load testsPCR = polymerase chain reactionNASBA = nucleic acid sequence - based amplification
computed tomography (CT) scan
x-ray imaging in the transverse plane produces cross sectional views of anatomic structuresshow abnormalities of lymphoid organs , lymph nodes, spleen and thymus gland

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