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The Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang was famous for
  travelling to India to collect Buddhist texts.
The Sui dynasty was founded in 589 by
Yang Jian.
The greatest contribution of Sui Yangdi, the second Sui emperor, was
  the construction of the Grand Canal.
The Sui construction of the __________ would have important economic implications well into...
Grand Canal
The Grand Canal stretched from __________ in the south to __________ in the north
Hangzhou; Zhou
The Tang plan to avoid the concentration of land in the hands of the wealthy and the resulting...
equal-field system.
During the Tang and Song period the imperial civil service examinations
  were expanded and filled posts with officials of genuine intellectual...
During the Tang dynasty
  Chinese armies pushed into Korea, Manchuria, Tibet and northern...
The kowtow
was a ritual prostration.
In 757 the Tang emperors were forced to invite in the Turkish Uighurs to suppress a rebellion...
  An Lushan.

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