Cat Internal Organs

Cat Internal Organs Cat Internal Organs
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What is this?
1 diaphram 2 liver 3 heart 4 lungs 5 spleen.jpg

What is this?
1 duodenum 2 pylotic sphincter 3 pancrea

What is this?
2 pylotic sphincter 3 pancreas

What is this?
A thoracic cavity B peritoneal cav C greater omentum D parietal peritoneum, esophagus

What is this?
falciform ligagment, liver to dia to body wall

What is this?
gall bladder

What is this?
gastroplenic ligament stomach to spleen

What is this?
gastropsplennic lig from stom to spleen then duodenum jejunum illeum

What is this?
kidney ovaries B and D oviducts F urinary bladder, ureters coming from it

What is this?
large intestine, D ileocecal valve A ascending B transverse C descending colo



What is the name of the membrane covering the body organs? You broke through this when you dissected. Name the parts of the large and small intestine
broke through viseral peritonenum, small intest- duoudenum, jejunum, illeum, in large get cecum= apendix colon and rectum
Name the stucture that links the liver to diaphram and to body wall
falciform ligament
Name structure that links duodenum to liver to stomach
lesser omentum
Name the structure that links the stomach to the spleen
gastrosplenic ligament
Name the structure that links the duodenum to body wall
Name the structure that links the large intestine to body wall
mesocolon ( a membrane)
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