Cask Of Amontillado

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What was the Montresor's intention for meeting up with Fortunato?
to seek revenge
What are the common hobbies that Montresor and Fortunato share?
they are wine connoisseurs
Is Montresor appealing to Fortunato's pragmatism (sense of practicality) when...
Is the narrator appealing to Fortunato's sense of expertise when he talks about consulting...
Is the narrator appealing to Fortunato's sense of vanity (excessive pride in one's abilities,...
What is the mood of the story?
suspenseful-you have a feeling what's going to happen, but you don't know for sure
Why is Montresor seeking revenge against Fortunato?
We don't know exactly, but we do know that Montresor thinks Fortunato insulted him in some...
How does the fact that the story takes place during the carnival season contribute to the events...
The carnival season is a time of craziness, mayhem; a time of excesses in food and drink.
When Montresor and Fortunato go down to the vaults, why does Montresor act like he cares about...
He's trying to keep Fortunato from being suspicious of his motives.
To whom do the skeletons in the catacombs belong?
Montresor's ancestors
Montresor's character can best be described as one who_____
holds a grudge and seeks revenge
How is mood created in literature?
the words associated with the setting, including the actions of the people and characters in...
freedom from punishment
proper nouns are always....

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