Theodore Lidz: Study For CA MFT Licensing Exam

I Am Using These Flashcards To Study For The CA MFT Licensing Exam In 2011. This Series Is About Theodore Lidz.

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Marital Schism
- Chronic failure of the spouses to achieve role reciprocity- i.e. Husband and wife compete...
Marital Skew
- Relationship with 1 weak, dependent spouse and 1 strong and dominant spouse- Theodore Lidz
Theodore Lidz's preferred style of treating Schizophreia
Argued that family approaches remained more helpful to treatment and fought the classification...
Theodore Lidz

- Psychiatrist who specialized in treating patient's with Schizophrenia - 1910-2001
Theodore Lidz's focus in research
Studied the relationships between normal development and the development of mental disorders...
Theodore Lidz's 2 types of marital discord
1) Marital schism2) Marital skew

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