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A structure remaining in an animal but with no use at all is called:
If two species of birds occur in the same area but occupy different habitats they do not mate. ...
ecological isolation
The notion that organsisms that are more distantly related should have time to accumulate more...
a molecular clock
In certain population, the frequency of a dominant allele is represented by p=0.7, and the...
Over time, the same bones in different vertebrates were put to different uses.  This falls...
homologous structures
Choose the phrase that best represents macroevolutionary change.
new forms of animals replacing older ones
Two populations of flowers are separated by a mountain range and would not be capable of interbreeding. ...
geographical isolation
The molecular evidence of how the cytochrome c gene changes with time suggests that the gene...
at a constant rate
In human infants, there has long been evolution toward having the highest survival rate at...
stabilizing or balancing selection
The hypothesis that suggests evolution occurs in spurts, with a great deal of evolutionary...
punctuated equilibrium
The fossil record indicates that whales evolved from:
hoofed mammals
The Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is based on a number of assumptions.  Which of the following...
mating occurs nonrandomly, and mates exert preferences
In small populations, gene frequencies can change drastically by chance alone.  This phenomenon...
genetic drift
When selection operates to eliminate intermediate phenotypes, it is referred to as:
disruptive selection
Sickle-cell anemia in humans is an examply of:
stabilizing or balancing selection
Whales are descendents of:
a relative of a hippopotamus
The evidence for evolution includes which of the following?
All of these are correct
The differences produced between breeds produced by artificial selection are more distinctive...
In pools below waterfalles, where predation is _____, male guppies are _____, whereas in pools...
high, drab colored, low, more colorful
All of the following are correct about Intelligent Design except:
it is scientifically testable
The hypothesis that suggests evolution occurs slowly in organisms are nearly imperceptible...
Biochemical changes that occur in organisms through time can help us:
all of these
A population of frogs developing a slight difference in their matin calls is an example of:
microevolutionary change
If two species of plants bloom during different seasons in the same habitat, this is known...
temporal isolation
choose the phrase that best represents microevolutionary change.
changes in allele frequency in a population

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