Biology - Muscles And Bones Of The Frog & Their Functions

This Flashcard Set Lists A Number Of The Major Muscles And Bones As Well As Their Functions In The Common Frog. I Made It Specifically For Studying For A Biology Frog Lab.
Created Jan 10, 2011
by atilathegun
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Biceps brachii
Flexes forearm
Biceps femoris
Extends thigh and flexes leg
Abducts arm
External oblique
Compresses abdomen
Flexes leg and extends foot
Internal oblique
Compresses abdomen
Latissimus dorsi
Extends and rotates arm
Longissimus dorsi
Elevates head and extends back
Lowers mandible
Raises mandible
Raises floor of the mouth (breathing)
Pectoralis major
Abducts shoulder forward
Rectus abdominis
Compresses abdomen; flexes trunk
Flexes thigh at hip; flexes leg
Triceps brachii
Extends forearm
Triceps femoris
Extends leg; flexes thigh
Extensors of the hand
Extend hand
Extensors of the foot
Extend foot
Flexors of the hand
Flex hand
Flexors of the foot
Flex foot

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