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Which metabolic category best describes Bacteria that act as decomposers?
In a symbiotic relationship between organisms of significantly different sizes, the larger organism is called the _, and the smaller organism is called the_
Host; Symbiont
How are Bacteria and Archaea similar
They both have circular chromosomes
How are Bacteria and Eukarya similar
They both have unbranched hydrocarbons in their cell membranes
How are Archaea similar to Eukaryotes?
they both have histone proteins associated with their DNA
Which of the following is a structure that permits bacterial conjugation to occur
Sex pilus
Not present in all bacteria, this cell covering enables cells that possess it to resist the defenses of host organisms
which of the following requires ATP to function, and permits some species to respond to taxes (plural or taxis?)
Whats the differences between a gram-negative and a Gram-positive bacteria?
Gram-negative: peptidogylcan layer between an outer and inner membraneGram-Positive: only the inner membrane and peptidoglycan layer
Which two structres play a direct roles in permitting bacteria to adhere to each other, or to other surfaces
1: Capsules 3: fimbriae
Which of the following is the term used to identify the process where genetic material is transferred between bacterial cells via pili?
Which of the following is the term used to identify the process ofthe movement of genes between bacteria by bacteriophages?
In a moss, most of the plants that we see are_ and in a fern the most dominant stage is the_
Gametophytes, sporophytes
Which of the following is the term used to identify the process in which a prokaryotic cell can take up and incorporate foreign DNA from the surrounding environment
The_ Represents the sporophyte generation of a conifer, and the_produces gametophytes
The angiosperm plant we see represents the _ generation, and the flower produces_.
angiosperms disperse their seeds by producing
All of the choices are correct
Fruits, vegetables, corn, rice, and wheat are all examples of
plants and their pollinators evolve in response to each other's changes in a process called
Fungi are found associated with the earliest plant fossils. Which of the following is a way in which fungi may have helped plants become terrestrial?
By forming mycorrhizal associations and helping early plants to extract mineral nutrients from hostile soils
How does the sperm of an angiosperm reach the egg?
via the pollen tube that grows through the carpel tissues from the pollen grain deposited on the stigma
which of the following is a physical barrier preventing the glow of water to xylem via cell walls
Casparian strip
a hot, a dry summer will reduce crop yields in part because..
carb dioxide uptake and photosynthesis are slowed because the stoma close more frequently to prevent excessive cater loss.
Under which of the following weather conditions would transpiration be most rapid
hot, dry weather
in general, we can say that fluids are
pushed along in phloem sap and pulled along in xylem sap
An example of an organism that parasitizes a host plant is
What prevents a seed released in the fall from germinating immediately
abscisic acid
At the end of the growing season you have some green tomates that you want to pick and riped in the house. to ripen them as quicly as possble, you should
Place them in a sealed plastic bag with a ripe banana
Which of the following is the primary adaptive advantage of temperate-climate, broad-leaved tress that their leaves for the winter?
There is not enough sunlight for efficient photosynthesis during a temerate-latitude winter
In many grocery stores, fresh fruits are sold prebagged in plastic bags dotted with holes. the main fu of the hoes is to
facilitate diffusion of ethylene away from the fruit
Experimental plants tat we sent up the space shuttle missions did not exhibit all their normal tropisms. Which of the following responses would you expect a lpant in a space shuttle not to exhibit
A plant that responds to touch with a change in growth movement is exhibiting
which of the following process underlies the thigmotropic behavior of a green-been tendril
extra growth of cells on the side opposite to an object that is contacting the tendril
a plants first line of defense against infection is
it's epidermis
which of these is a synapomorphy for eukarya
A nucleus
Whats the difference between mitosis and binary fission
Chromosomes are attached to and separated by elements of the cytoskeleton in mitosis, whie chromosomes are attached to and sperated by movement of the cell membrane in binary fission
Whats one advantae to being eukaryotic rather than prokaryotic
the presence of organelles allows the sequestration of different chemical reactions
what's one advantage to being prokaryotic rather than eukaryotic
Prokaryotic cells can divide more quickly than eukaryotic ones
what is the most likely orgin of the eukaryotic nucleus
Infolding of the cell membrane to surround the DNA
what is is the most likely orgin of the eukaryotic mitochondrion
Engulfment of a proteobacterium that was not digested
what is the most likely orgin of the eukaryotic chloroplast
engulfment of a cyanobacterium thatwas not digested
which phase of the life cycle is multicellular in gametic meisois
which phase of the life cycles is multicellular in zygotic meiosis
Which phase of the life cycle is multicellular in sporic meiosis
Both phases are clearly multicellular
What is the product of meiosis in gametic meiosis
What is the product of meiosis in zygotic meiosis
what is the product of meiosis in sporic meiosis
which of the following is limited to Apusozoa
tough organic theca underlying the dorsal surface
The strongest evidence for the endosymbiotic origin of eukaryotic organelles is the similarity between extant prokaryotes and which of the following?
Mitochondria and chloroplasts
Which organisms represent the common ancestor of all photosynthetic plastids found in eukaryotes?
Thread like pseudopods that can perform phagocytosis are generally charactersistic of which group
Radiolarians and forams
A snail-like, coiled, porous test (shell) of calcium carbonate is characteristic of which group?
Which photostynthetic Rhizarians form a net and also feed on bacteria
Which rhizarians are surrounded by a test with an opening at one end for psedupods
Which Rhizarians are single cells with many nuclei, and can reach diameters of 20-25 cm?
Which one of the following is not a characteristic or diplomonads
Primarily an aerobic lifestyle
Which of the following cause African sleeping sickness
Which of the following statements about euglenozoans is false
Giardia, a parasite that lives in teh intestine of mammals, is a euglenozoan
What is one synapomorphy of the Alveotlata
Cortical alveoli
Which of the following has members that are bioluminecent
Which of the following is characterized by ejectosomes
Which of the following contains the organisms that causes late blight potatoes?
Which of the following has members that secrete a silica containing frustule
PLasmodium, the organsism that caues malaria is a(n)
Which of the following groups include organisms that are a key source of food in all aquatic environments and whose folillized forms are used as a filter and as a grinding and polished agent?
Which one of the following groups are large multicellular organisms deliberately consumed by humans?
brown algae
The most recent common ancestor of all land plants was probably similar to modern-day members of which group?
The following are common to both charophytes and land plants except
plant spores are produced directly by
Each of the following is a general characteristic of bryophtes excerpt
vascular tissue
the following characteristics all helped seedless plants become better adapted to land except
a dominant gametophyte
which of the following types of plants would not yet have been evolved in the forests that became coal deposits
pine trees
if a fern gametophyte is a hermaphrodite, then it
belongs to a species that is homosporous
Bryophtes never formed forests because
the lack lignified vascular tissue
In which of the following taxa does the mature sporophyt depend completely on the gametophyte for nutrition