Muscular System - Origins, Insertions, And Actions Of A Select Group Of Muscles

Lab Unit 5 - Musuclar System Flashcards

- For Orgins, Insertions, And Actions Of A Slect Group Of Muscle

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Zygomaticus major - Origin(Face and Neck)
Zygomatic bone
Zygomaticus major - Insertion(Face and Neck)
Angle of mouth
Zygomaticus major - Action(Face and Neck)
Elevates and abducts upper lip (as in laughing)
Sternocleidomastoid - Origin(Face and Neck)
Sternum, clavicle
Sternocleidomastoid - Insertion (Face and Neck)
Mastoid process
Trapezius - Origin(Posterior Thorax)
Occipital bone, Vertebrae (spines of C7-T12)
Trapezius - Insertion (Posterior Thorax)
Clavicle, Scapula (spine and acromion)
Trapezius - Action (Posterior Thorax)
Elevates and depresses scapula; rotates scapula
Latissimus dorsi - Origin (Posterior Thorax)
Vertebrae (spines of T7-L5), Ribs 8-12, sacral and iliac crests
Latissimus dorsi - Insertion (Posterior Thorax)
Humerus (intertubercular groove)
Latissimus dorsi - Action (Posterior Thorax)
Adducts, extends, and rotates arm (medially); Draws arm posteriorly
Pectoralis major - Origin(Anterior Thorax)
Clavicle (medial half), sternum (body), cartilages of ribs 2-6
Pectoralis major - Insertion (Anterior Thorax)
Humerus (greater tubercle)
Pectoralis major - Action (Anterior Thorax)
Adducts, flexes, and medially rotates arm
Deltoid - Origin (Shoulder)
Clavicle, scapla (spine and acromion)
Deltoid - Insertion (Shoulder)
Humerus (deltoid tuberosity)
Deltoid - Action (Shoulder)
Abducts, flexes, extends, and medially and laterally rotates arm
Infraspinatus - Origin (Shoulder)
Scapula (infraspinous fossa)
Infraspinatus - Insertion (Shoulder)
Humerus (greater tuberosity)
Infraspinatus - Action (Shoulder)
Lateral rotation of arm; adduction of arm
Biceps brachii - Origin(Upper Arm)
Scapula (supraglenoid tubercle), Scapula (coracoid process)
Biceps brachii - Insertion (Upper Arm)
Radius (radial tuberosity)
Biceps brachii - Action (Upper Arm)
Flexes forearm; Supinates forearm; Flexes arm
Triceps brachii - Origin (Upper Arm)
Scapula (infraglienoid tubercle), humerus (lateral and posterior surface)
Triceps brachii - Insertion (Upper Arm)
Ulna (olecranon process)
Triceps brachii - Action (Upper Arm)
Extends forearm; extends arm
Flexor carpi radialis - Origin(Forearm)
Medial epicondyle of humerus
Flexor carpi radialis - Insertion (Forearm)
Metacarpals II and III
Flexor carpi radialis - Action (Forearm)
Flexes and abducts hand
Brachioradialis - Origins (Forearm)
Lateral epicondyle of humerus
Brachioradialis - Insertion (Forearm)
Styloid process of radius
Brachioradialis - Action (Forearm)
Flexes forearm; supinates and pronates forearm
Rectus abdominis - Origin(Abdominal Wall)
Pubic crest, pubic symphysis
Rectus abdominis - Insertion (Abdominal Wall)
Sternum (xiphoid process) and inferior ribs
Rectus abdominis - Action (Abdominal Wall)
Flexes vertebral column; compresses abdomen
Gluteus maximus - Origin(Thigh)
Gluteus maximus - Insertion (Thigh)
Gluteus maxius - Action (Thigh)
Extends thigh and rotates it laterally
Quadriceps femoris group - Origin (Thigh)
Rectus femoris - ilium; Others - femur
Quadriceps femoris group - Insertion (Thigh)
Tibia (Tibal ruberosity)
Quadriceps femoris group - Action (Thigh)
Extends leg; Rectus femoris also flexes thigh
Sartorius - Origin (Thigh)
Os coxa (anterior superior iliac spines)
Sartorius - Insertion (Thigh)
Tibia (medial side of tibial tuberosity)
Sartorius - Action (Thigh)
Flexes thigh and leg; rotates leg medially; rotates thight laterally
Gastrocnemius - Origin (Thigh)
Femur (lateral and medial condyles)
Gastrocnemius - Insertion (Thigh)
Calcaneus by way of Achilles tendon
Gastrocnemius - Action (Calf)
Plantar flexes foot; flexes leg

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