Bio- Chapter 22

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Bio- Chapter 22

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Linnaeus- binomial classification.
Hutton- Geological features can be explained by modern-day mechanisms.
Lamarck- use and disuse; inheritance of acquired characteristics.
Malthus- economist.
Cuvier- studies fossils.
Lyell- Uniformitarianism.
Darwin- Four observations: Members of a population often vary greatly in their traits. Traits are inherited from parents to offspring. All species are capable of producing more offspring than their environment can support. Owing to lack of food or other resources, many of these offspring do not survive. Two inferences: Individuals whose inherited traits give them a higher chance of survival tend to leave more offspring. This unequal ability to survive will lead to the accumulation of favorable traits.
Wallace- baby Darwin.
What are convergent and divergent evolution?
Convergent evolution is the independent evolution of similar traits in different lineages. Divergent evolution is when groups evolve into two different species.
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