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Recipes For Biggby Coffee Beverages

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Magic Milks with Thick Syrups
Tall: 2 pumpsGrande: 2.5 pumpsSuper: 3 pumps
Magic Milks with Thin Syrups
Tall: 4 pumpsGrande: 5 pumpsSuper: 6 pumps
Magic Milks with Thick and Thin syrups
Tall: 1.5 pumps thick, 1 pump thinGrande: 2.5 pumps thick, 1.5 pumps thinSuper: 2.5. pumps...
Magic Milks with Fruit flavor
Tall: 2 pumps fruit syrup, 2 pumps vanillaGrande: 2.5 pumps fruit syrup, 2.5 pumps vanillaSuper:...
Iced Coffee
2/3 cup of iceTall: 2 spoonfuls sugar, 1 oz creamGrande: 3 spoonfuls sugar, 1.5 oz creamSuper:...
Espresso Con Panna
Espresso with a dollop of whipped cream
Espresso Macchiato
Espresso marked with velvetized milk foam. Steam a Cappuccino and shake a small amount of foam...
Fresh shots need to be pulled within...
19-23 sec.
Espresso over ice (non menu)
Shots in short cup, half-cup of ice
Espresso drinks with Thick syrup
All sizes receive 1 pump
Espresso drinks with Thin syrup
All sizes receive 1 pump
Reduced calorie frozen lattes (cream freezes)
Half the amount of tonicAdd sugar free vanilla     Tall: 2 pumps  ...
Caramel Marvel flavor
Mellow Mellow flavor
Mocha Mocha flavor
White Lightning flavor
White chocolate
Caramel Mellow flavor
Caramel and marshmallow
Mocha Caramel flavor
Chocolate and Caramel
Mocha Mellow
Chocolate and marshmallow
Teddy Bear flavor
Caramel and white chocolate
Wild Zebra flavor
Chocolate and white chocolate
Irish Cream flavor
Irish cream
Nutty Buddy flavor
Vanilla Bean flavor
Butter Bear flavor
Caramel and Butterscotch
Hazelnut Mocha flavor
Chocolate and Hazelnut
Mint Mocha flavor
Chocolate and frosted mint
Sugar Bear flavor
Caramel and hazelnut
Banana freeze ingredients
1 banana, OJ, ice, tonic
Banana berry freeze ingredients
1 banana, strawberries, OJ, ice, tonic
Orange freeze ingredients
Orange syrup, OJ, ice, tonic
Pomaberry freeze ingredients
Blueberries, blueberry syrup, pomogranate syrup, OJ, ice, tonic
Coconut Beach freeze ingredients
Strawberries, coconut syrup, lemonade, ice, tonic
Raspberry Zinger freeze ingredients
Raspberry syrup, lemon, lemonade, ice, tonic
Strawberry shortcake freeze ingredients
Strawberry syrup, strawberries, lemonade, ice, tonic
Chai freeze ingredients
Chai, milk, ice, tonic
Choc chip cookie freeze ingredients
1/2 cookie, milk, extra tonic, ice, tonic
Frozen hot chocolate ingredients
Mocha syrup, milk, ice, tonic
Vanilla freeze ingredients
Vanilla syrup, milk, ice, tonic
Jones soda ingredients ingredients
Jones soda, ice, tonic
Red Bull freeze ingredients
Red bull, ice, tonic
Caffe latte ingredients
Espresso, velvetized milk
Frozen lattes with Thick syrup (cream freezes)
Heaping cup of iceTall: 2 pumps Thick, 4 pumps tonic, 2 shots espressoGrande: 2 pumps Thick,...
Frozen lattes with Thin syrup (Irish cream, Nutty Buddy, Vanilla Bean)
Heaping cup of iceTall: 4 pumps Thin, 4 pumps tonic, 2 shots espressoGrande: 4 pumps Thin,...
Frozen lattes with Thick and Thin syrup (Butter Bear, Hazelnut Mocha, Mint Mocha, Sugar Bear)
Heaping cup of iceTall: 1.5 thick, 1 thin, 4 p tonic, 2 shotsGrande: 1.5 thick, 1 thin, 5 p...
Chai latte recipe breakdown
Tall: ice, 3p tonic, 3p Chai, 3oz milkGrande: ice, 3p tonic, 4p Chai, 4 oz milkSuper: ice,...
Choc Chip Cookie Creme Freeze breakdown
Level cup of ice, 1/2 cookieTall: 7p tonic, 3oz milkGrande: 8p tonic, 4oz milkSuper: 10.5p...
Fruizen-T recipe breakdown
Level cup of ice, Water to top (leaving 1 inch)Tall: 5oz Jet TeaGrande: 7 oz Jet TeaSuper:...
Caffe latte recipe breakdown
Tall: 1 shot expressoGrande: 2 shots espressoSuper: 3 shots espressoVelvetized milkFor Iced...
Hot lattes with Thick syrup recipe breakdown
Short:2p thick, 1 shotTall: 3p thick, 2 shotsGrande: 4p thick, 2 shotsSuper: 5p thick, 3 shotsvelvetized...
Hot lattes with Thin syrup recipe breakdown
Short:2p thin, 1 shotTall: 3p thin, 2 shotsGrande: 4p thin, 2 shotsSuper: 5p thin, 3 shotsvelvetized...
Hot lattes with Thick/Thin syrup recipe breakdown
Short: 1.5 thick, 1p thin, 1 shotTall: 2.5 thick, 1.5 thin, 2 shotsGrande: 3p thick, 2p thin,...
Tea lattes recipe breakdown (African Autumn, Earl Grey, Hot Cinnamon Spice)
1 tea sachetShort: 2 p vanillaTall: 3p vanillaGrande: 4p vanillaSuper: 5p vanilla, extra tea...
Call out drinks
SHOTSSIZEESPRESSO MODIFIERS (decaf, shots)MILK MODIFIERS (skim, breve, extra hot, no foam)NAME...
Airpot order
Biggby Best, French Roast, Varietal, Varietal Decaf, Flavor, Hazelnut Decaf
Shotpuller priorities
1. Pull shots and set up drinks2. Brew coffee3. Run laps/maintain facilitiy
Milksteamer priorities
1. Steam milk, prepare and serve drinks2. Actively engage each customer in conversation3. Clean...
Cashier priorities
1. Greet customers within 3 steps of the door and complete their transactions as quickly as...

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