Battery - Trespass To The Person

Trespass To T He Perso
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Lord Justioce Goff defines battery as "...the actual infliction of unlawful force on another...
Collins v. Wilcock (1984)
D threw a lighted firework into the market place, which had been thrown to him. It exploded...
Scott v. Shepherd (1773)
A 15 year old boy poured sulphuric acid into teh upturned nozzle of a hand-drying machine....
DPP v. K (1990)
D pushed C into a swimming pool, and he broke his ankle. He argued that he didn't intend to...
Williams V. Humphrey (1975)
A battery is committed even if the original action by D was involuntary, if they subsequently...
Fagan v. Metropolitan Police Commissioner (1969)
Hostile in this case seemed to be little more than D has interferred in a way which C may object.
Wilson v. Pringle (1987)
Lord Justice Goff: "...touching will only amount to a battery where it does not fall within...
Collins v. Wilcock (1984)
Lord Goff: "I doubt whether, has been suggested, touching must be hostile to be unlawful. A...
Re F (Mental Patient: Sterilization) (1990)
D, a pain specialist, performed an operation to relieve the pain of a traped nerve. However,...
Chatterton v. Gerson (1981)
The girl had consented to a surgicl operation and not intercourse so this was not consent.
R v. Williams (1923)
Doctors may intervene in the best interests of the patient, whetre they are unconcious and...
Re F (1990)
A person is not to be traeted as being unable to make a decision merely because hye makes an...
B v. An NHS Hospital Trust (2002)

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