Basic Parts Of The Cell

The Main Parts Of The Cell And Their Functions.
Created Jan 30, 2010
by mmadad
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The Cell
The structural (building blocks, variable in appearance and function) and functional(serving...
The three basic parts of a Cell
The Plasma MambraneThe NucleusThe Cytoplasm
The Plasma Memrane(What is it and it's functions?)
Forms the cells flexible outer surface, separating the sells internal parts from the outside...
The Plasma Membrane(What are it's main parts?)
Phospholipid BilayerCarbohydratesProteinCholesterol
The Nucleus(What is it's function?)
Contains the cells genetic inheritance.Controls day to day functions.Controls cell structure.Produces...
Everything between the Nucleus and the Plasma Membrane.  Two main components (1) cytosol...
The Nucleus(What are it's main parts?)
Nuclear Envelope.  Nuclear Pores.Polyribosome.  Nucleoplasm.Nucleoli.  Chromatin.

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