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ASVAB General Science Questions
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The virus that causes AIDS
In what region of the body is the Humerus found?
What kind of cells are important part of the immune system?
White blood cells
Positive charge of an atom
The process of cellular respiration in animal cells occurs in which organelle?
The purpose of Mitosis?
To produce genetically identical copies of cells
Amoebas are single-celled organisms that eat by surrounding and engulfing its food. This process...
What kinds of energy does a glass that falls off a table onto the floor illustrate?
Potential energy converted to kinetic energy
White light from the sun is
a mixture of all the colors of the visible spectrum
What kind of materials could serve as possible conductors?
Metals (Silver, Copper ect.....)
The electrical current used in most everyday appliances?
AC - Alternating Current
Human blood has a pH of about 7.4, if the pH were to change to 6.9 this indicates
an increase in acidity(The pH drops from 7.4 to 6.9. An increase of the proton (H+) concentration...
Which planet would most likely have a temperature of 800°F?
Igneous rock forms from
molten magma within the earth that cools and solidifies
Does warm air have more or less atmospheric pressure than cold air.
Less atmospheric pressure
Which kingdom consists of eukaryotic, single-celled organisms
Protista Kingdom
A water shortage has resulted in restricted, small quantities of water to drink. What hormone...
anti-diuretic hormone(Anti-diuretic hormones work on renal tubules of the kidneys by making them...
In humans, the trait for dimpled chins is dominant. Not having a dimpled chin is recessive....
3/4 Dimpled, 1/4 Non-Dimpled
What disease results from vitamin deficiency?
True or False - A burning match involves a chemical reaction?
What kind of a reaction happens when you burn a match?
A Chemical Reaction
You are stranded in a desert. After some time you notice a pool of water off in the distance....
Refraction of light rays off the sand creating a false image
What is the most prevelant current theory to explain the appearance of deep holes and craters...
One atom of Carbon has an atomic weight of 12 units; another atom of Carbon weighs 14 units....
Diabetes mellitus results from the malfunction of
A person who is a carrier for sickle cell anemia is genetically
Heterozygous for the trait
Monocots and dicots are groups of
Angiosperms(Angiosperms are a division of plants that are classified into two groups, monocots...
What two respiratory gases are carried by red blood cells?
O2 and CO2
A nucleus is found in
Eukaryotic cells
A list of the elements in order of increasing atomic number is called the
Periodic Table
Polar molocules attracted to water are
An archaeologist found an insect in a layer of clay, a fern in a layer of sand, a crustacean...
What natural disaster is associated with seismic activity and recorded by a seismograph?
True or Fales - Vitamins and Minerals are part of the basic food groups?
What is synthesized by ribosomes?
Protiens(Ribosomes are organelles that help translate amino acids into proteins.)
An atom with 8 protons, 12 neutrons, and 8 electrons has an atomic number of
8(The atomic number refers to the number of protons in the nucleus of each atom of an element.)
Atmospheric gases that allow light to enter the atmosphere but do not allow heat to exit create...
Greenhouse Effect
A molocule is
a combination of two or more atoms
When you sprinkle regular table salt on food, the salt will
dissociate by a decomposition reaction
Chewing is necessary for digestion because it
increases the surface area of food exposed to enzymatic action
Mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles are examples of organisms belonging to which phylum?...
phylum Chordata
Color Vision results as a function of which of the following?
Cones(Cones are photoreceptors of the retinas that provide color vision and visual acuity.)
A solution having a low concentration of hydrogen ions would best fit with which of the following...
12(A low concentration of hydrogen ions results in a more basic or alkaline solution. Basic...
How many days does it take the earth to complete one orbit around the sun?
365.25 days
The earth follows what shape of orbit around the sun?
It has an elliptical path
Radioactivity of an element results from
a spontaneous disintegration of atomic nuclei(Radioactive elements are unstable and result...
Do sound waves move faster in the air, or in liquids and solids?
Liquids and Solids
Is fog a type of precipitation?
No(Precipitation may be defined as water in the solid or liquid state that falls on the earth....
Roads along a curvature are banked to
reduce the centrifugal force on vehicles.(A vehicle moves in a circular motion along a curved,...
The mass of an element that combines with one part by weight of hydrogen is defined as its...
Equivalent Weight(Equivalent weight is the mass of the element that combines with one part...
Communication between neighboring cells is maintained through
Endoplasmic Reticulum(The function of the endoplasmic reticulum is to transport chemicals between...
Neutral part of an atom?
Negetively charged part of an atom?
Exercise causes the respiratory (breathing) rate to increase because
the heart rate has increased
A typical human female has how many pairs of chromosomes?
22 pairs of chromosomes and two X chromosomes
If you wanted to obtain the greatest amount of energy from your daily diet without concern...
Fats(Gram for gram, fat supplies more calories for energy than proteins, carbohydrates (starches),...
The most important source of energy for our planet is
The Sun
Evidence of pre-existing life is most likely found in
A control that reduces undesired pH fluctuations is a(n)
An uncharged particle in the atomic nucleus is
What is considered a universal energy molecule for cells?
ATP - Adenosine Triphosphate(Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a nucleotide of adenine, ribose,...
What is the correct order for taxonomic classification?
kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
Aerobic respiration occurs in
Both Plants and Animals
If an atom gains or loses an electron it becomes 
An Ion
A weather front is created by
two distinct air masses meeting
As a magnetic pole is approached, the magnetic force
Blood pressure is a measure of
systolic blood pressure over diastolic blood pressure
The bulk of the chemical breakdown and nutrient absorption occurs in the
Small Intestine
What state of matter has the greatest amount of kinetic energy?
Acid rain can cause what type of weathering?
Iodine added to table salt can help prevent which disease?
The gravity on the moon is about what fraction of the Earth's gravity?
When a bus starts, its passengers experience a backward jerk because
of the inertia of the bodies.
In the modern periodic table, the number of electrons in the outermost shell of an atom is...
The group number
Two adaptations that help most of the desert plants to obtain and retain water are
shallow roots and small leaves
What receptor is present in the retina of the eye?
The uncontrolled chain reaction that takes place in a nuclear reactor is controlled by
Cadmium rods
The winds that blow from the subtropical high-pressure belt to the equatorial belt are known...
Trade Winds(The winds that blow from the subtropical high-pressure belt to the equatorial...
What is the name of the horizontal rows on a periodic table?

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