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Side ASide B

The wheels are connected by a belt. As the wheel on the left makes one revolution, the wheel on the right makesless than one revolutionexactly one revolutionmore than one revolution
more than one revolution

If the wheel on the left turns clockwise, in which direction does the wheel on the right turn?ClockwiseCounterclockwise
A woman sits in a dragster at the beginning of a race. As the light turns green, she steps on the accelerator. At the moment the dragster begins to accelerate what is her weight pushing...
More than while stationary

All the gears in the system are moving and Gear 1 rotates clockwise. What other gears in the system also rotate clockwise?2 and 42 and 53 and 5
3 and 5

In which case is less force needed to move weight (W) up the ramp?ABThe force is the same in each case.

If each pendulum is released from the position shown, which pendulum requires the longest amount of time to complete one swing?ABThe times are equal

The voltage drop or potential difference is greater across which resistor?RaRbIt is the same across either resistor
It is the same across either resistor

If the large portion has 3 times the surface area of the small piston, how far must the small piston be pushed down to raise the large piston 1 inch?1/2 inch1 inch3 inches
3 inches
If you had to swim across a fast moving stream exactly perpendicular to the banks, when you arrived at the far bank where would ur position be relative to where u started across?Upstream...
Directly across from where you startedAccording to the answer sheet given, directly across from where you started, current was not considered in the answer.Check this discussion: /forum/showthread.php?t=4913

If the three squad leaders are to stay on line, which of them must turn the most slowly?ABC

In order to balance the scale above, the fulcrum should be movedtoward Atoward Bin either directions
toward B

If the scale was balanced before u moved the fulcrum, which of the balls is more dense?Ball ABall BThey have the same density
Ball B

Where would it be best to hold a pruners' handles while trying to cut a branch?ABIt does not matter

If the current leaves the battery in the direction shown in the diagram, what is the direction of the current in resistor X?ABThere is no current in the resistor

The voltage drop is greater across which resistorRxRyIt is the same across either resistor

Where is the current greater in the circuit?Greater at A than BGreater at B than AThe same at A and B
The same at A and B

X, which has a negative charge, is positioned between a positive charge (A) and a negative charge (B). In which direction will X move?ABRemain where it is
In a stream, water flows through narrow and wide sections. In which sections does the water flow fastest?Narrow sectionWide sectionThe same through either section
Narrow section
At what point is the velocity of a bullet fastest?When it leaves the muzzleWhen it reaches the top of its arcWhen it hits the target
When it leaves the muzzle
The rate of heat exchange is faster betweenan ice cube and 100° glass of wateran ice cube and 40° glass of waternone of the above
an ice cube and 100° glass of water
If two glasses of water 40° and glass A was 1/2 full whle glass B was 3/4 full, which glass would melt the more ice in a given amount of timeABThey would melt an equal amount of ice
Did you read a mechanical comprehension hand out?No, but I will now.No! What hand out?Yes, and I understood everything.
Yes, and I understood everything.

If the large pistion has 2 times the surface area of the small piston, how far must the large piston be pushed down to raise the small piston 1 inch?1 inch2 inches1/2 inch
1/2 inch

When the wheels X are turned at the same speed, which turns wheels Y faster?Wheel X1Wheel X2They turn wheels Y at the same speed
Wheel X1

Imagine if wheels X where the front  sprocket of a bicycle and wheels Y the rear sprocket. Which system would be hardest to pedal up a hill?System ASystem BThey would have the...
System A

If wheel X1 is exactly twice the size wheel Y1, and wheel X1 is turned one time, how many times will wheel Y turn?One turnTwo turnsOne half turn
Two turns

In system A, as wheel X1 makes one revolution, point Atravels a greater distance than point Btravels a smaller distance than point Btravels the same distance as point B
travels the same distance as point B

Above is a cross section of a wing. Air travels over it and under it. As the wing moves through the air speed relative to the foil isgreater above the wingbelow the wingthe same above...
greater above the wing

When the plug in the tube is removed, water flowsinto the tubeout of the tubeneither way
into the tube

For which position of the weight is the tension on the string at point X greater?ABIt is the same for each position
When is it more difficult to hold an inflated beach ball under water?Close to the surfaceDown deepThe difficulty is the same at either depth
Down deep
When does a beach ball seem more buoyant?Close to the surfaceDown deepThe buoyancy is the same at either depth
Down deep

Which weight exerts less pull on the horizontal bar from which the weights hang by strings?ABEach weight exerts the same pull on the bar

A submarine is traveling through the ocean when its outer hull cracks and air pushes out of its lower right side. In which direction must the rudder be turned to ensure the submarine...

A submarine is traveling through the ocean when its outer hulls cracks and air pushes out its lower right side. In which direction must the submarine be turned to ensure the submarine...
towards the starboard

If the board to the left was placed in water, in what orientation would it float?A higher than BB higher than APerfectly level
B higher than A

If two resistors and a battery are arranged in each of the above circuits, which circuit arrangement has greater resistance?Circuit ACircuit BThey have the same resistance
Circuit A

The lever above is anchored just to the left of point A. If one were to raise it one inch measured from point A to the ground, point B would riseless than one inchone inchmore than...
more than one inch

In which case is more force needed to raise the weight?ABThe force is the same in each case

Which system requires more rope to be pulled to lift the weight the same distance?ABThey require the same amount of rope

Which pendulum takes less time to make one swing?ABEach takes the same time to make one swing

If pendulum A was the same length as pendulum B, which pendulum would take more time to make one swing?ABEach would take the same time to make one swing
Each would take the same time to make one swing
Newton's First LawAn object in motion will stay in motion, object at rest will stayin motionat restequilibrium
at rest
Newton's Second LawForce = Mass * GravityAccelerationVelocitySpeed
Newton's Third LawFor every action there isa) an equal and opposite reactionb) a varied responsec) multiple reactions
a) an equal and opposite reaction
Speed of conduction, which occurs in solids and stationary liquidsa) creates more heat across multiple objectsb) moves the lower temperature from one solid to the otherc) depends on...
c) depends on the temperature difference
Butcher Knives, Axes, Nail Cutters, are examples ofLeversPulleysWedgesScrews
This device is typically used to measure wires, spheres, shafts and blocks.MicrometerMultimeterTape Measure
Compressing air in a closed place will _______ the volume and ______ the pressuredecrease, decreasedecrease, increaseincrease, raiseincrease, increase
decrease, increase
Bernoulli's principalapplies to liquidsapplies to airinvolves flow and pressureall of the above

all of the above
This class of lever is like your everyday crowbar. The fulcrum is in the middle with the resistance force, the load, on one end and the effort force on the other. An example of...
First class lever
On this class lever, the fulcrum is on the end, the resistance force, the load, is in the middle,and the effort is at the other end. An example of this would be a wheelbarrow.First...
Second class lever
On this class lever, the fulcrum is on the end of one side, the effort force is in the middle, and the resistance force, the load, is at the the top. An example of this would be...
Third class lever
The formula for force is
mass times acceleration

The maximum weight, W, that can be lifted as shown with a pull of 100 lbs is100 lbs200 lbs300 lbs
200 lbs

A 5 kg wad of clay is tied to the end of a string. A 300 gm copper moving horizontally is embedded into the clay and causes the clay and ball to rise to a height of 0.2 m. The intial...
8.3 m/s
Which exerts a larger force over a distance?A small force over a long distanceA large force over a short distance
A small force over a long distance
The formula for Work is
Force x distance
The formula for Efficiency is
Workout/Workin , since friction causes inefficiency. The fraction is never greater than 1.
A force acting on a surface is called pressure, and is calculated by
Pressure = Force / AreaCan be used for fluid pressure and atmospheric pressure
An observer standing on the ground sees you running 55 mph. If you were running towards the caboose, what would the velocity be?45 mph50 mph52 mph55 mph
45 mph
A 300 lb weight rests on a hydraulic surface with an area of 376 square inches (2 square ft). What force is needed to act upon the smaller surface having an area of 36 square inches...
28.8 lbs
Pressure in liquids that are not moving is called ________ pressure, and is caused by ______. If fact, as you go twice as deep, the pressure will be ______ as much.hydrostatic/gravity/increaseshydraulic/force/increaseshydraulic/gravity/decreaseshyydrostatic/force/decreases
____________ pressure is caused by the weight of the air between the earth's surface and space.HydraulicAtmosphericHydrostatic
Energy travels from objects of different temperature in the form of _____ through the process of conduction and convection and radiation.
_________ occurs in liquid and gases by calculating currents caused by a difference in density. All objects radiate heat; most of which is infared radiation that is not visible. ________...
Electrical forces are caused by electrical charges which may be positive or negative.Which of the following is true?Opposite charges repel, like charges attract.Electrical forces decrease...
Electrical forces decrease as the distance between charge particles increases.
This circuit element dissipates energy through heatResistorsCapacitorsInductorsDiodesTransformers
This circuit element stores electrical energy between two parallel platesResistorsCapacitorsInductorsDiodesTransformers
This circuit element stores magnetic energyResistorsCapacitorsInductorsDiodesTransformers
This circuit element restricts current to only one direction. A semiconductor used as a rectifier. Rectifiers convert AC to DCResistorsCapacitorsInductorsDiodesTransformers
This circuit element is used to convert electricity from one voltage to anotherResistorsCapacitorsInductorsDiodesTransformers
The two kinds of circuits that you are responsible for are:
Parallel circuitsSeries circuits
These kinds of circuits are identifies by seeing sever circuit elements, (resistors, lights, etc.) running between parallel to each other between the positive and negative sides of...

Parallel circuits, and in this circuit, the current gets divided between two or more elements
In these kinds of circuits, all of the circuit-elements are in a row along a single wire similar to a set of Christmas lights

Series circuits, and in this circuit, the voltage will continue to drop as it passes through elements until it has finally dropped to 0.
What is Ohm's law?
I = V/R
As you follow the path of the current from the positive node away from the battery and through an element, the voltage will be the same as the bettery until the current goes through...
Voltage drop
The theory behind leverage is that the longer the lever, the more ______ u produce.forcetorquedistanceweight

torque, which is the product of force and distance
Doubling the length of the lever-arm would ________ the torque that you apply.

The torque created by the hand must _______ the torque produced by the weight before it can be lifted.EqualDouble

Left Side:Force = 60 lbsDistance to fulcrm = 8 ftRight Side:Force = ?Distance = 15 ftForce on the right side equals30 lbs32 lbs34 lbs36 lbs
32 lbs
The _______________ of a lever is calculated by dividing the arm-length that you are applying a force by the arm-length of the resisting weight.TorqueEffortForceMechanical Advantage
Mechanical Advantage
What is the formula for the Mechanical Advantage of a lever?
Effort Arm / Resisting ArmMA = length of effort arm ÷ length of resistance arm.

What is the Mechanical Advantage of in the diagram?11.441.882
You may see problems where weights and forces are acting on a single lever arm. It's possible that you'll see a combination of both. In these cases, you have to realize that torque...
clockwise and counterclockwise

Solve for the unknown force or distance11 lbs15 lbs10.9 lbs33 lbs
11 lbs
A pendulums has three  weights attached, each 8 in away from each other. One string is 7 in long and has a 3 lb weight. The other two strings are 5 in long. Each have a weight...
a) The one with the longer string takes the longest to make one complete swingThe weight does not matter with swing time.
You had two tennis balls and held them over a 10 story building, and you dropped Tennis ball A straight down while Tennis ball B was tossed horizontally first, but released them at...
They hit the ground at the same time
Pushing a weight up an incline requires only a fraction of the force needed to lift the weight directly. This fraction can be found by calculating a) the ratio of the slope-length...

all of the above

For a height of 5, and a slope-length of 10, the Mechanical Advantage in the diagram is101512


The mechanical advantage for a pulley systema) equals the number of ropes within the systemb) equals the number of pulleys within a systemc) equals the maximum weight of the objecte)...
equals the number of ropes within the systemOnly MOVEABLE pulleys provide mechanical advantage

The load is supported by how many strands of rope?1234

If the pull of the truck in the diagram is 100 lbs, what is the maximum weight of the object?100 lbs200 lbs300 lbs400 lbs
400 lbsNOTE: Also the weight will raise 1 ft for every 4 ft you pull
When several ropes are in contact with the weight, they all contribute equally. Tension is defined asthe force that the rope sustains internallythe force that is needed to move the...
the force that the rope sustains internallythe force that is needed to move the weight is equal in the rope where someone is pulling it.

In the figure, there are ropes holding the weight up. Therefore they each contribute ____ of the force needed to hold the weight.11/21/31/4
This specifies the change in position of a point in reference to a previous position. In simple terms, it's the difference between the initial position and the final position of an...
R = (D*R)/d is the formula forRadiusRangeGear Revolutions
Gear Revolutionsr=(D*R)/d ; r*d=R*D
Hydrometers use floats to measurespecfic gravitydisplacementhardness of wateramounts of water
specfic gravity
Specific gravity is the weight of a ______ compared with the weight of the water.solidgasliquidmass
The liquid with the highest specific gravity will causethe float to rise higher in the glass tubethe weight to sink to the bottom of the glass tubethe float to maintain a balance in...
the float to rise higher in the glass tube
Pliers and scissors are ________ levers and explain where the fulcrum of the lever is.First ClassSecond ClassThird Class
First class.The fulcrm is in the middle
A nutcracker or wheelbarrow are _________ levers.First ClassSecond ClassThird Class
Second class.The fulcrum is at one end, load is in between.
Tongs or tweezers are examples of _________ leversFirst ClassSecond ClassThird Class
Third ClassFulcrum is at one end, effort is in between.
In pulley's, the smaller pulley will turn _______ than those larger than it.FasterSlowerSame Speed
FasterIt has to "keep up" and therefore turns faster.
a* d = A * Da = aread = displacementA = bigger aread = bigger displacementThis is the formula for what?

Mechanical Advantage in a piston
An axe is classified as a wedge, which is aninclined planefirst class leversecond class leverthird class lever
inclined plane
The __________ the fulcrum is from the resistance arm, the __________ amount of force that is required to lift the weight and the _______ the resistance arm will travel.closer, greater,...
closer, greater, higher
No electricity flows through burnt out bulbs, but a ________ can bypass it if connected on both sides. It tells you the total voltage in a circuit.
Which of the following is true:Current and Voltage varies in a parallelCurrent is constant in a series, voltage is notVoltage is constant in a series, current is notCurrent and Voltage...
Current is constant in a series, voltage is notCurrent * resistance = voltage
The current with the _______ resistance is usually in series, because it forces the current through all resistors.
In a 2 pulley system, the movable pulley will only move up half the distance, and spin half as much as the fixed pulley.
No answer. That was a statement.

What is the rpm for this wheel, that requires 2 contacts per second?1516488
15twice per second = 120 contacts per minute. 8 rods on wheel. 120/8=15
Heat is a form ofcaloriesmotionenergypressurization
On a standard day, at sea level, assuming static conditions, the speed of sound is1100 ft per sec1200 ft per sec1300 ft per sec1425 ft per sec
1100 ft per sec
For a plane to fly, air flowing over the top of a wing creates a vaccum, while the air flowing over the bottom a) remains at approximately the same air pressureb) decreases in air pressure,...
a) remains at approximately the same air pressure

The diagram depicts airflow around the wing of an aircraft. Most of the lift is caused bya) increased air pressure on the bottom side (side B)b) increased air pressure on the top side...
d) decreased air pressure on the top side (side A)

In the diagram, which of the ff statements is not true?a) pulley 2 would spin faster than pulley 4b) pulley 4 would spin faster than pulley 3c) pulley 1 would spin faster than pulley...
c) pulley 1 would spin faster than pulley 3according to the book
Which tool below is the best for cutting metal?hacksawchainsawrotary sawhandsaw
hacksawhacksaw was designed for metal.
Which of the ff is a type of lever?elevatorseesawdoor hingeelectrical cord
What is the formula of force for a lever?
Fᴱ = FL dL / dᴱFormula can be changed toFᴱ dᴱ = FL dLFᴱ = effort force (N, lb)FL = load force (N, lb) (note that weight is a force)dL = distance from load force to fulcrum...

Approx how much force must be exerted to lift the box?67 lbs100 lbs250 lbs258 lbs
67 lbsFᴱ dᴱ = FL dLFᴱ 30ft = 200lb * 10ftFᴱ 30ft = 2000lbftFᴱ = 2000lbft/30ftFᴱ = 66.6666666 or 67 lb

Which wrench would require more force to turn a bolt?Wrench AWrench BNo DifferenceNone of the above
Wrench A

In order to move the block five feet, how many feet of rope would have to be pulled?5101520
The number of cranks the crankshaft of a V-6 engine has is2468
66 pistons, 1 crank per piston

Pulley A is the same size of Pulleys B and C, and twice the size of Pulley D. For each revolution made by Pulley C, how many revolutions will Pulley A make?onetwothreefour
twoaccording to the book, two.
In order to lift a 100 lb load onto a dock five feet high, using only 25 lbs of force, how long of a ramp would have to be used?5 ft10 ft15 ft20 ft
20 ft100 / 25 = 44 = required MA for an inclined plane4 * 5 feet high = 20 ft
One horsepower is equal toa) 33,000 ft-pound work per minb) 150 lbs of force in an hourc) 950 psid) 17,500 ergs
a) 33,000 ft-pound work per min

In the diagram, how many pulleys are turning in a clockwise direction?onetwothreefour
fouraccording to the book, 4
Wheel A has a diameter of 10 inches. Wheel B has a diameter of 25 inches. If both revolve at the same speed, which wheel will travel the most distance in the same amount of time?Wheel...
Wheel B

How many gears are turning in a counterclockwise direction?twothreefourfive
If Gear 1 has revolves twice, how times will Gear 2 revolve?1234
1The picture would have 2 gears, a small 10 tooth, and a large 20 tooth.

In the figure, for each complete revolution of the cam, how many times will the valve open?1234
What is the area of a cylinder?
2(π r²) + (2 π r)* h
In the hydraulic system depicted, the cylinder on the left has a diameter of 2 inches and the cylinder on the right has a diameter of 6 inches. If 100 lbs of force was applied to the...
900 lbs

In the design, which tank(s) will overfill?Tank ATank BTank A and CTank B and C
Tank A and C
Which of the following are not parts of a braking system of an automobile?discsmaster cylinderaxelwheels
On a braking system, the axel supports the wheel, but is not part of the braking system. The _________ provides hydraulic force to press discs (or pads) against wheels of a vehicle,...
master cylinder

When a machine magnifies force, it is referred to asmagnification factormechanical advantageleverage factorefficience factor
mechanical advantage
A pitch isa) the distance between the threads of a screwb) the gap measurement of a spark plugc) the angle measurement of a simple leverd) one of the four basic measurements...
a) the distance between the threads of a screw
When an object is at equilibriuma) its velocity does not changeb) the object speeds upc) the object is at restd) the object changes direction
a) its velocity does not change
Equilibrium isa) when at object is at restb) when 2 or more forces act to cancel the effects of each otherd) when the velocity speeds up
b) when 2 or more forces act to cancel the effects of each otherAn object at equilibrium may be at rest, but not necessarily so.
An example of a simple machine isa door hingelight switchcan openerall of the above
all of the above
When a helium-filled ballon rises, the force responsible isfrictionair pressurebuoyancygravity
air pressure
In physics, power can be defined aswork/timeenergy/efficiencyleverage/massfriction/drag
The force acting on an object dropped from a building isbuoyancyelastic recoilgravityequilibrium
If you remove your foot from the gas pedal in ur car, it will slowly coast to a stop. The force which causes this isfrictiongravityvelocitymagnitude
If a driver wheel is present, the adjacent wheels will rotate according to how _________ to the center the driver wheel makes contact with them.closefar
closeThe closer to the center, the faster it will move.
By increasing the length of the lever arm, the effort is increased, enabling a valve to blow off at a higher pressure. So if you...a) move the lever closer, this will cause the valve...
b) moving the lever farther will cause less effortNOTE: ...and lets the valve blow up at a lower pressure
What is the formula to find the volume of a sphere?
4/3π r³
What is the formula to find the area of a sphere?
4 π r²
If two weights hang from two different strings attached to a bar, less pull is exerted by the weight of less weight.Which of the ff is true:a) the weight does not matterb) the length...
b) the length of the string does not matter
The deeper you go with an inflated ball, the more difficult it is to hold it underwater. So the buoyancya) will not change, no matter how deep you go into the waterb) will increase,...
b) will increase, depending on how deep you go into the water
Rate of heat exchange is _____ through objects of greater temperature differenceslowerthe same speed asfaster
Think about putting your thumb on the end of a hose makes the water spray.a) water flows faster through narrow areas that it does through widerb) the same amount of water will flow...
c) all of the above
This kind of engine consists of an intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust.2 stroke4 stroke8 stroke
4 stroke
What is the mechanical advantage of a wheel and axle?
radius of axel to handle divided by the radius of the drumradius(axel to handle)/radius(drum)
Statics and EquilibriumFormula for a moment?
Force * distance
________ energy is stored in an object while _________ energy is energy in motion.Kinetic, PotentialPotential, KineticPressurized, Freeflow
Potential, Kinetic
I = Q/TDefine I, Q, TCurrent, charge, timeVoltage, momentum, timeVoltage, charge, timeCurrent, force, time
Current, charge, time
This device measures the current flow in a circuitAmmeterVoltmeterMultimeter
This device measures does the job of both measuring the flow in a current and the voltageAmmeterVoltmeterMultimeter
The formula for Power is
Power = volts * amperes
Units for a charge iscoulomb, Campere, Avolts, Vwatts, W
coulomb, C
Units for current flow arecoulomb, Campere, Avolts, Vwatts, W
ampere, A
ViseMA = (2*pi*length of handle) divided by what?
pitch of thread
Formula of Weight isMass * GravityGravity is equal to9.81 m/s²32.3 ft/s²22.1 mph
9.81 m/s²All the other answers are off by 0.1 only.32.2 ft/s²22 mph
The formula for Density is
Mass / Volume
The formula for Relative Density is
Density / Density(Reference Material)
If you add salt into a liquid, the solution has a lower freezing point. This is becausea) there is an increase in specific gravityb) there was a decrease of density in the reference...
a) there is an increase in specific gravitySpecific gravity usually means relative density with respect to water. The increase in the density of the liquid compared to regular water...
Heat alwaysdistributes between objectstravels from hot to cold
travels from hot to cold
Compressing air in a closed place will decrease the volume and raise the temperaturea) Trueb) False, temperature will stay the same.c) False, volume will stay the same
A square plate is hanging by 4 wires (one on each corner). One breaks, and it's hanging by only 3 wires now. a) each wire now carry the same amount of weightb) the 2 diagonally across...
b) the 2 diagonally across from each other hold an equal amount that is more than the lone wire in one corner
Will an airplane with engine and propeller take off on a treadmill or converyor belt, regardless of the run setting?
Will a glider (no engine or propeller) take off on a treadmill or converyor belt, regardless of the run setting?
A common example of a first-class lever isa seesawa wheelbarrowtongs
a seesaw

The force F required to balance the weight of 60 lbs on the lever, shown in the diagram above, is most nearly210 lbs240 lbs672 lbs
210 lbs

The mechanical advantage shown is458

What effort must be exerted to the handles of the wheelbarrow shown carrying a load of 200 lbs (neglect the weight of the wheelbarrow in ur computation)?40 lbs50 lbs65 lbs
50 lbs

The bar, which is exactly 4 inches in length, has a 275 lbs weight on one end and a 125 lb weight on the opposite end. For the bar to balance, the distance from the 275 lb weight to...
1 1/4 inches

Neglecting friction, what is the mechanical advantage in using a single fixed pulley as shown ?123

In the figure shown, the pulley system consists of a fixed block and a moveable block. Neglecting friction and the weight of the pulley system, what effort would be needed to lift a...
50 lbs

The weight W is to be raised as shown in the figure by attaching the pull rope to the truck. If the weight is to be raised 8 ft, the truck will have to move16 ft24 ft32 ft
24 ft
The formula for an inclinded plane isMA = L/HMA = mechanical advantageL = lengthH = ?
H = heightMA = L / HL = length
A gradual slope will provide a ________ mechanical advantage than a steep slope.higherlower

In the figure shown, the service person is using a plank to roll a 300-pound barrel up to the bed of the truck. The force that must be applied is most nearly200 pounds150 pounds100...
100 pounds
How do you find the mechanical advantage for a wheel and axel?

In the figure shown, a bucket is being raised by a wheel-and-axel arrangement. If the distance from the center of the axle to the handle is 8 inches and the diameter of the drum around...

To make a 1/2" hole in a block of wood, use toolABC

To cut a thread on a 1/2" brass rod, use toolABC

The number 18 appearing on the tool shown above indicatesdepth of openingsize of openingthreads per inch
threads per inch

Which of the 1½ volt dry cell battery connections shown above will deliver 6 volts?123

In the figure given, if the thickness of the wall of the pipe is ½", the inside diameter of the pipe is3"3 1/8"3 1/4"

The figure above represents a revolving wheel. The numbers 1 and 2 indicate two fixed points on the wheel. The number 3 indicats the center of the wheel. Of the following, the most...
c) points 1 and 2 make the same number of revolutions per minute

In the figure shown, if gear A makes 14 revolutions, gear B will make141721

With the wheels in the position shown in the figurea) wheels S and T will rotate in opposite directionb) wheels S and T will rotate in the same directionsc) wheels S and T will rotate...
b) wheels S and T will rotate in the same directions

In order to open the valve four times every second, the wheel must rotate at12 rpm18 rpm24 rpm
24 rpm4 times every second = 24010 rods on the wheel240/10

In the figure shown, a 160-lb individual jumps off an 800-lb raft to a point in the water 10 ft away. Theoretically, the raft will movea) 2 ft in the opposite directionb) 3 ft in the...
a) 2 ft in the opposite direction

The figure shows a lever-type safety valve. It will blow off at a lower pressure if weight W isincreasedmoved to the leftmoved to the right
moved to the left

As shown in the figure, four air reservoirs have been filled with air by the air compressor. If the main line air gauge reads 100 lbs, then the tank air gauge will read25 lbs50 lbs100...
100 lbs

In the figure above, the number of complete turns the vise handle must make to fully close the jaws is14161820

In the figure shown, the center-to-center distance between the two poles is1 3/4"1 15/16"1 7/8"
1 15/16"

If an 8" level indicates 16 quarts of oil in the tank, then the number of quarts of oil to be added to raise the level from 6" to 8" is2 quarts4 quarts6 quarts
4 quarts

Which illustration depicts the compression stroke?XYZ
ZBoth valves are closed and the piston is moving upwards

What is the proper sequence of the four strokes of a piston in a gasoline engineW X Y ZX Z Y WY Z X W

The gauge shown above is adepth gaugefeeler gaugethread gauge
thread gaugeThe thread or screw-pitch gauge is used to determine the pitch and number of threads per inch of threaded fasteners.

The wrench shown is generally used whena) a definite force must be applied to a nut or bolt headb) a tight nut must be broken loosec) rapid turning of the nut or bolt is of prime importance
a definite force must be applied to a nut or bolt headThe torque is read visually on a dial mounted on the handle of the wrench. It is used when a definte force must be applied.

Which of the figures shown is the proper procedure for pulling adjustable wrenches?ABBoth are proper procedures
AThe handle of the adjustable wrench should be pulled toward the side having the  adjustable jaw. This will prevent the adjustable jaw from springing open and slipping off the...
Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.TrueFalse
Newton's Law describes a  relationship between an object's _______ and _______ as the applied force.pressure, densityweight, velocitymass, accelerationdensity, distance
mass, acceleration
In Newton's Third Law, forcea) is neither created or destroyedb) if there is no opposing force, the motion will never stop.c) always elicits an equal, opposite force acting against...
c) always elicits an equal, opposite force acting against itWhenever a first body exerts a force F on a second body, the second body exerts a force −F on the first body. F and −F...

A 150 lb man jumps off a 600 lb raft to a point in the water 12 ft away. Theoretially, the raft would movea) 12 ft in the opposite directionb) 9 ft in the opposite directionc) 6 ft...
3 ft in the opposite direction150 lb x 12 ft = 600 lb x ? ft
The mechanical advantage of a lever can be increased bya) placing the fulcrum closer to the object being liftedb) moving the effort force upwards the lever closer to the object being...
d) both a and c

A lever arm is in balance when the force x length of one side of a fulcrum is equal to the force x length on the other side of the fulcrum. With this info, test this concept:The force...
10 lbs
Then tension of a string in figure A is greater than the tension of a single spring in Figure B. The spring tension of springs supporting an object individually spreads the load between...
L) Three times greater than in B
Pulleys. Which of the following is always not true about a pulley.a) a pulley system will reduce the force required to lift an objectb) the mechanical advantage is proportional...
e) all of the above

What amount of force is required to move the weight (assume the supported objects all weight 100 lbs) in the pulley system?

What amount of force is required to move the weight (assume the supported objects all weight 100 lbs) in the pulley system?
33.3 lbs

What amount of force is required to move the weight (assume the supported objects all weight 100 lbs) in the pulley system?
25 lbs

The immoveable one pulley system provides ___ the force to lift the object and will have a ratio of 1:11/212
1/2There is 1 rope. Divided evenly into 2, and no mechanical advantage, since the pulley is immoveable

If the pulley is immoveable, what is the minimum force that must be applied to position 1 in order to raise the 20 lb weight at position 2 upwards 3 feet20 lbs over 2 ft10.1 lbs over...
10.1 lbs over 3 ft
This is Boyles Law:a) Compressing a gas to 1/2 volume doubles the pressureb) If the pressure decreased by 1/2, the volume would doublec) Both A and Bd) None of the above
c) Both A and BActually, Boyle's law describes the inversely proportional relationship between the absolute pressure and volume of a gas, if the temperature is kept constant within...
Charles' Law is whena) you heat some liquid, and the temperature changes, but the volume stays the sameb) you open a can of coke, and the soda starts fizzing outc) both a and bd) none...
b) you open a can of coke, and the soda starts fizzing outIf gas is held at a constant pressure, the volume is directly proportional to the absolute temperature.
Bernoulli's Principal is whena) a good pitcher throws a curve ballb) you siphon a gas tankc) when the pressure increases, the velocity increasesd) both a and be) both b and cd) all...

d) both a and bBernoulli's princiapl states that as the velocity of a fluid increases, its pressure decreases.
The higher the altitude, the more dense the air.TrueFalse
The deeper an object is submerged, the more pressure is exerted upon it.TrueFalse
Which of the statements about weight are true?a) Weight is the same closer to the earth's surface as would be in midairb) Weight is greater on planets with greater massc) Weight is...
b) Weight is greater on planets with greater massMass does not change and is not affected by gravity.  Weight does, depending on the location. A and C would apply to Mass, but...

If Gear R is thedriver, at the moment shown, Gear S isP) not movingQ) jammedR) moving at its highest speedS) moving in the same direction as Gear RT) moving in the opposite direction...
T) moving in the opposite direction as Gear R

If Gear A makes 14 revolutions, gear B will makeA) 9 revolutionsB) 14 revolutionsC) 17 revolutionsD) 21 revolutionsE) 25 revoltions
D) 21 revolutions
_______  is the factor or ratio by which a mechanism multiplies the force or torque applied to it.
Mechanical AdvantageOutput force Input forceordistance w/c force is applied divided by distance over w/c a load is moved

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