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Explain what is meant by the 'expressive role'.
This was put forward by Parsons who believes that women should deal with the emotional work whilst the man is the breadwinner.
Suggest two ways in which 'family life may have have a harmful effect on women'.
1. Feminists would argue that women lack the freedom to do what they want e.g. having a career because the man typically goes out to work, this is a traditional expectation which...
Suggest three reasons for the decrease in the death rate since 1900.
1. Welfare measures- As these have raised living standards and reduced malnutrition amongst the poorest, this then means people are healthy. 2. Not as many babies are being born because...
Explain what is meant by primary socialisation.
This is taken place at home when your parents and peers will enforce the norms and values of society.
Suggest three reasons for the increase in the divorce rate since 1969.
1. Changes in the law - reduced the costs involved in divorce and widened the grounds for divorce. 2. Changing expectations of love and marriage - People are becoming unhappy because...
Suggest two reasons for the decrease in birth rate since 1900.
1.Economic factors - Raising children can be expensive, as an increasing number of children are going into higher education this brings further costs to parents which can be off-putting....
Suggest three reasons for the increase in family diversity in the UK.
1. It has become more widely accepted, unlike in the pre-modern era where they had to play by the law. 2. Elaborating on this point people have the freedom to try on different identities...
Suggest three functions a nuclear family might perform.
1. The family will share the same household. 2. They work together and pool their resources.

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