Art History Exam 2: Artists With One Painting

Art History Exam 2: Artists With One Painting Art History Exam 2: Artists With One Painting
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The Battle of Issus:
Altdorfer, 1520
Descent from the Cross:
Pontormo, 1520
The French Ambassadors:
Hans Holbein the Younger, 1530
Madonna with the Long Neck:
Parmigianino, 1530
Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time:
Bronzino, 1540
Feast in the House of Levi:
Varonese, 1570
The Last Supper:
Tintoretto, 1590
Loves of the Gods:
Caracci, 1600
Judith Beheading Holofernes:
Gentileschi, 1610
The Calling of St. Matthew:
Terbrugghen, 1620
Charles I of England Dismounted (The Hunting Portrait):
Van Dyck, 1630
Self Portrait of Judith Leyster:
Leyster, 1630
Still Life with Oysters:
Heda, 1630
The Jewish Cemetery:
Ruisdael, 1650
Still Life with a Late Ming Ginger Jar:
Kalf, 1650
The Feast of St. Nicholas:
Steen, 1660
Triumph of the Name of Jesus:
Gaulli, 1670
Glorification of Saint Ignatius:
Pozzo, 1690
Flower Still Life:
Ruysch, 1700
Landscape with Peasants and Cattle:
Lorrain, 1650
Return from Cythera:
Watteau, 1710
Saying Grace at the Table:
Chardin, 1740
The Swing:
Fragonard, 1760
The Village Bride:
Greuze, 1760
A Philosopher Giving a Lecture on the Orrery
Joseph Wright of Derby, 1760
Vigee-LeBrun's Self Portrait:
Vigee-LeBrun, 1790
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