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Where are the alkali metals found in the Periodic table and what group are they
Group 1 left hand side
What pH range are acids in the universal indicator range, and what colours do they go from and to are they
Which no/ colour is most acidic
0-6 Red most acidic to orange an yellow least acidic
What pH range are alkalis in the universal indicator range and what colours do they go from and to
Which No/colour is most alkaline?
8- 14 Purplemost alkaline, blue least alkaline
What No/ colour indicates neutral in the universal indicator range
How do we indicate a reversible reaction
Double arrow, pointing in both directions
Describe an exothermic reaction, and give an example
gives out energy to the surroundings in the form of heat, and shown by a rise in temerature
Burning fuels
Neutralisation reaction
Oxidisation reaction
Describe an endothermic reaction and give an example
takes in energy from the surroundings usually in the form of heat, shown by a fall in temperature
Thermal decomposition of hydrated copper sulphate
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