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1 Mercantilism-
 Economic philosophy or practice in which England established the colonies to provide...
2 Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
First constitution in the colonies drafted that stated a government’s authority rests upon...
3. Navigation Acts
 trade laws administered by GB in the 1600’s to enforce mercantilism on the Amer. Colonies
4. Virginia
First of the many mini legislatures created by the Colonies that started the tradition of Salutary...
5. Calvinism
prevalent Puritan religious belief centered in the New England Colonies that believed only...
6. Anne Hutchinsen
Puritan dissenter that was banished by Governor Winthrop for teaching antinomianism
7. Halfway Covenant
Used by Puritan Churches to bolster attendance but also keep political leadership under the...
8. Bacon’s Rebellion
 Disgruntled Virginia (Chesapeake) colonial farmers attempted to overthrow Gov. Berkeley...
9 Iroquois Confederation
The league of Indian tribes in the Northeast that fought with the English in the French-Indian...
10 Deism
18th Century (1700’s) concept which held that God created the world according to rational...
11 John Locke
Enlightenment philosoph whose ideas influenced T. Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence...

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