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Apush - Chapter 27 Chapter 27-29 Test
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Big Sister Policy
pushed by James G. Blaine; aimed at rallying the Latin American nations behind Uncle Sam's leadership and opening Latin American markets to American traders.
American Navy v. German Navy
nearly came to blows; over the faraway Samoan Islands in the South Pacific, which were originally divided between the two nations.
America v. Italy
America lynched 11 Italians in New Orleans
America v. Chile
Chile killed 2 American sailors; almost at war; but Chile paid to make up for the loss.
America v. Canada
over seal hunting
America v. Britain
boundary issues in South America
- Cleveland and Olney wanted to taunt the British with setting up a boundary line.
Great Rapprochement (Reconcilliation)
made peace between America and Britain.
Queen Liliuokalani
blocked the Americans from annexing Hawaii.
protesters who torched canefields and sugar mills; used destructive tactics.
General "Butcher" Weyler
undertook to crush the rebellion by herding civilians into barbed-wire reconcentration camps, where many died.
battleship, sent to Cuba to protect and evacuate Americans if in danger, was mysteriously blown up.
- Americans thought Spain did it.
- Actually it was accidental but it started the American -Spanish war

Teller Amendment
proclaimed that when the U.S. had overthrown Spain's misrule, it would give Cuba its freedom.
George Dewey had to wait a long time for more troops to arrive, then he captured this fort on August 13, 1898.
Rough Riders
part of the invading army, volunteers consisting of mostly western cowboys and other hardy characters; led by Leonard Wood; organized by Roosevelt
Puerto Rico
1st territory not to be annexed as a state.
Thomas "Czar" Reed
speaker of the house; resigned in protest against America's new imperial adventure
Anti-Imperialists League
sprang up to fight McKinley's expansionest moves, disliked annexation of Philipines and expansionism.
The Foraker Act
accored the Puerto Ricans a limited degree of popular government
Insular cases
Supreme court decreed, the flag outran the Constitution.
Platt Amendment
1. they couldnt agree to treaties that would compromise them
2. could not take on too large of debt
3. U.S. could intervene with troops to restore order.
4. promised to sell or lease neaded supplies to U.S.

(U.S. finally got rid of this)

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