APUSH Chapter 2- Europeans Encounter The New World

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Portugese Exploration
Portugal expelled Muslims out of the Iberian Pennisula which allowed them to acess the Atlantic...
Henry the Navigator
Son of Portugese King, went on expeditions to Africa to bring wealth and new sources, collected...
Bartholomew Dias
Sailed around the Cape of Good Hope, came back with news that it could be a possible to sail...
Vasco de Gama
Commanded first Portugese fleet to sail to India which Portugal used as a new sea route and...
The Columbus Expedition
Initated European exploration and colonization of America
Isabella and Ferdinand
They funded Columbus's expedition and saw it as an inexpensive gamble. The potential loss...
John Cabot (Caboto)
Was sent by King Henry VII of England to look for a Northwest Passage to the Indies across...
The Northwest Passage
Sea route across the Artic Ocean that reached Newfoundland
Ferdinand Magellan
Circumnavigated the globe in 1519; his voyage made clear that it was possible to sail west...
The Columbian Exchange
Transatlantic trade of goods, people, and ideas.
Hernan Cortez and Spanish Exploration
Cortez went into Mexico and found a lot of gold; met a young girl (Malinali or Marina) who...
Montezuma and the Mayans
Montezuma is the emperor of Tenochtitlan; welcomed Cortez and the soldiers into his city with...
Juan Ponce de Leon
Explored Florida to find gold, but killed by Calusa Indians
Hernando de Soto
Wanted to find another Peru in North America (a lot of gold), landed in Florida and fought...
The Encomienda System
The system empowered the conquisitadors to rule Indians and the lands around and in their towns;...
The Establishment of New Spain
Spain created New Spain which showed other Europeans how the New World could be made to serve...
The toll of Spanish Conquest/Colonization
Indians faced diseases brought by Europeans, such as smallpox and measels; when the Indians...
Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation
Luther went against the Catholic church due to its corruption; they sold credits of purgatory...
Charles V
Judicially bribed to secure his selection as HRE Charles V; used wealth of new spain to protect...
Giovanni de Verrazano
Was sent by France to scout the Atlantic coast of NA from North Carolina to Canada, looking...
Sir Walter Raleigh
Organized an expedition in 1585 to settle Roanoke Island off the coast of present day North...
The lost colony of Roanaoke
When Roanoke was settled, all the colonists disappeared leaving only the word Croatoan in a...
What kind of trade routes existed in Europe between 12th and 15th centuries?
Spices, silk, carpets, ivory, gold, and other exotic goods traveled from Persia, Asia Minor,...
Which factors encouraged Europeans to begin looking for new trade routes in the 15th century?
Opportunites of the Meditteranean sea, the Bubonic plague which forced Europeans to look for...
Why did the Portugese play a key role in European exploration?
The Portugese used African slaves to develop sugar plantations, which would become transplanted...
Why did Christopher Columbus believe that Asia could easily be reached by a westward route,...
He believed that the earth was a sphere and he estimated that it took 2,500 miles to reach...
Who settled New Spain, and what kind of social system did the colonists create?
The conquisitadors settled in New Spain and divided the loots among the crown and the rest;...
What had Spain hoped for in its sponsorships of Columbus's voyages? What was the real value...
Spain wanted Columbus to bring home more gold and spread religion. They also wanted him to...
In 16th century, what did France and England do to try to imitate Spanish colonization in the...
They warred with Spain in Europe, preyed on Spanish fleets, and ventured to the New World where...

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