Apush Chapter 16- Set 2

Chapter 16 Vocab Words

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offered to buy from Russia and 1866. Seward's Icebox and Seward's Folly- Sec of State- wanted...
Purchase of Alaska 1867
opened to whites in 1889 land run- first come first serve.  50,000 last of gov. lands opened...
Oklahoma Land Rush 1889
existence of a frontier shaped American identity "Safety- valve thesis" frontier- place of...
Fredrick Jackson Turner/ "Frontier thesis"- 1893
rep. passed during Lincoln's 1st term. 160 acres- 10 fee, and live and farm for 5 years. 1862-...
Homestead Act 1862
Rep- Civil War. 30,000 per each state rep and senator in congress (sell and use the proceeds...
Morrill Land Grant 1862 
annual appropriations to help support he colleges
Morrill Land Grant 1890
(timber increased humidity and rain)encouraged tree planting and increased the number of acres...
Timber Culture Act 1873

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